Youth and Mental Health!…

We follow a typical pattern while growing up a girl child or a boy child. When a boy becomes a man, he is supposed to take up all the responsibilities and earn money. When a girl grows up, she is supposed to complete the education and get married. So we all live and apply this ancient but not practical philosophy.
When a boy grows up, there might be a possibility that he wants to study more or explore his hobby or do some social work. When it’s about a girl, then also it’s possible that she wants to make time for her career first and be independent. But we as a society never go this way. We keep on burdening kids since childhood with this typical philosophy. In a way, we snatch away things they really want to do. We even forget that humans work better in a job they love to do.
When they do some other task or life event, this frustration keeps on building up. Always remember frustration is nothing but the beginning of the depression. The youth can do wonders for the nation but are in the place not of their choice. I know money is important, marriage is important but not more than life. People harm themselves not to get married or forced for some work. We hear this every day. But this stereotype makes us ignore mental health. We only focus on pointing out the age and social or economical status. Look he’s 25, still earns nothing, look she’s 25, yet not married. But who are we to judge anyone. It’s totally their personal choice what they want to do and at what age. Even families fear of what people will say and keep poking their kids for career or a marriage. Few take it in a casual way but there are many who fall prey to depression in all this. Expectations, demand vs the failures, such battle begins. With each failure, a person moves deeper into the valley of depression. The feeling that I’m not good enough comes in to add more into it.
Every human takes birth for some reason. Everyone is one of a kind. God never creates garbage. So instead of putting someone under the burden of expectations, we can help them. A man or woman herself should understand what’s good or bad for her. This generation is extra sensitive, they go deep inside everything. They also need to change their attitude handling failures. Failures, criticism, taunts are a part of life and a license to grow. Keep them at their places and focus on your work. Don’t let it eat your head. Work hard, take a stand for yourself, be brave, be confident and everything will fall at its place. Always remember worrying or crying can’t ever be the solution. Life can never be a smooth road, there will be ups and downs for sure and these ups and downs only make it interesting otherwise a flat line doesn’t mean human alive.

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