This is how being stuck in past affects your future

Have you ever bogged down by your past mistakes? Do you regrets about things that you have done or neglected to do? Have you had bad things happen to you that were unjustified and unfair? If so, you are not alone. We will assure you that your past experiences does not determine or define your future.

Yes, exactly it is true that your current life is at some point of the result of choosing your past actions, choices and experiences. Your future depends on the present moment or how to work in present.

By creating a lifeline, you can easily get the choices and experiences that had affected your life. It will be helpful to see the past perspective and where you may aim your future.

Here are some tips. Scroll down to read them.

  1. Draw a chart of your past experience: Start depicting you’re your chronologically through drawing a chart. See your life story out of that chart. Then highlight the key points of your life. It can be both negative and positive. Focus on the interactions of your career. Pay special attention to your key points that have affected you and your decisions regarding career. These could be the areas or centres where you have worked, volunteered or made your own career choices. It will be helpful for you to determine that you lacked and it will help you fulfil that gap.
  2. Create a connection between events: Now you know your career impacts after creating a chart. Sometimes careers gets affected by the past incidents like there can be high or low points of your career, health issues and relationships occurred at the same time. It creates a lot of impact on well-being of ours. Step back and look the trends of your experiences- positive and negative both. By looking back you will get to know what are things you liked most of your career and which you did not like. So you can easily pinpoint what you want to do in future and what you not.
  3. Vision the insights of a bright future: If you have noticed the positive things, do the same with negative things also. You then have to expand this lifeline and identify and focus on the positive things or experiences that you would prefer to do. Ask yourself questions like-‘Are you satisfied with your current job status?’ ‘Are you ready to bring a change in your career?’ ‘Are you happy with your career?’ ‘Do you want to see more positive experiences to increase your job motivation and satisfaction level?’ All these questions can help you to determine your today’s action to your future.

Remember that your past had a grip on the present just because you have allowed it. Accept the fact that you could not change your past but you have complete autonomy to make your wishes and choices of your future.

No matter what has happened in your past, you can choose how much power over your current life you want to afford it. You cannot change the past but can always have a choice how to react to it.

Your past, no matter how bad it was, cannot determine your future. The choices and decisions that you take today will definitely make you what you want to become. Make the decisions to learn from your past and apply this to your present life, so that you can have a great future, that you are meant for. You deserve it.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Stay tuned with us for more updates. Till then goodbye. Have a nice day.

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