Indian farmers

A major part of Indian population is indulged in Agriculture. No doubt India is one of the largest producer of Agro based products . It also have reasonably well contribution in country’s GDP. During the first quarter of FY21 agriculture was the only sector to show positive growth rate. Farmers are the feeding fathers of the nation. They grow crops fighting all odds so that we can have our meals on our dinning table . While posting the pictures of delicious dishes have you ever wondered about the hardships that a farmer faces while growing crops for you and me. The producers of cancer causing cigarettes and gutkas have turnover in crores an lead a high standard life but the producer of our essential commodity is leading a miserable life.The man who is feeding the whole nation has to sleep hungry for several nights. The population of the country is increasing day by day and our farmers are doing their best tto fullfil the demands. Maximum farmers have low land holdings that’s why no bank or financial services give them loans

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