“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”
― Jorge Luis Borges

Books are our best friends is what we have heard since childhood. And probably experience it. A book lover enjoys his coffee while reading a book and that is his definition of “Peace”. The smell of a new book or the excitement of starting to read a book is something different . Books prove to be the best guide for us or may be a source to feel better. Having a collection of books is a matter of pride for certain people. Some love going to the library and reading books and some create their own library.

Reading is one of the best habits one can have. When you read you go in a different zone altogether. You feel good you feel lively. One of the best ways to increase your fluency in English or even for improving your vocab is reading . Traditionally, there was only paper books available. You spend on them and then you get to read. In today’s era things have changed. Now you google the book you want to read and download it on your PC/Mobiles and read it whenever and wherever you want to. E -books have become a trend and grown over years. A lot of people have adapted this new way of reading. There are a lot of apps that offer you to read books online. Kindle is one of the most famous way of online reading.

However, the demise of printed books as a result of e-books has not materialized, but instead, the two formats have existed simultaneously. Both have their pros and cons and choosing one would be unjust.

Paper Books : You have an advantage of turning pages or underlining something you learnt or maybe folding a page to re read again. They do not affect your eyesight rather it keeps you away from technology for a span of time. You can enjoy reading the book while in a balcony at your favorite spot . You can exchange good books with your friends to read and exchange thoughts. They help you sleep better, since while going to sleep you can comfortably read your book without and eye constraint. You possibly can have a mini library that will be your mantra for peace.

Drawbacks : Physical books can be difficult to handle. You can not read paper books anywhere. If you are travelling and want to take your book along it can be difficult if it is a heavy book. The paper books are not eco-friendly since a lot of paper is involved thus increasing the cutting down of trees. Even the cost of publishing books are really high and also publishers take a lot of chance while publishing an author’s book since they do not know whether it will work or not. Buying books can at times be expensive or even out of stock thus leading you to wait for a couple of days or maybe months.

E-books : E-books have an advantage of anywhere and anytime reading .You can use your mobile phones while sitting in a cafeteria or may be in a boring house party and read your book. E books are easier to carry while travelling and also downloading an E-book is free of cost leading to less expense. The cost of publishing is low while online. Technology saves the use of paper thus eco friendly. You can share the content at any online platform in just one click. E- Books have been designed with text to speech or read aloud features. This allows people to listen to the eBooks if they are too busy to read it, for example, while driving, or while doing some chores.

Drawbacks: E-books cause strain to eyes and you feel uncomfortable while reading it before sleeping. You can flip the pages or fold or underline if you want to. You can not gift a friend an E-book on their birthday or may be a special ocassion. E-books include the cost of graphic designing. There are many people who are not tech savvy and they can not enjoy the benefits of reading an E-book. You are distracted at times since there are certain notifications that keep coming while you are on your phones and that leads to distractions.

Although both Books and E-books have their pros and cons both provide you knowledge and enhance your skills. At the end what matters is to read whether online or offline. Happy reading !

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