When it comes to expanding a business geographically the first question comes in mind is whether to go with franchise or set up own infrastructure. First thing, do you really need geographical expansion, if you are a digital marketing firm or IT company or a BPO you don’t have to do geographically initially. Geographical expansion is more important in restraunt or cafe business or other like that. If you also want to expand your business make sure you are stable enough and having regular source of income. Sustainability is a must need requirement for scalability. Scaling without sustaining is a complete suicide. First of all be sure that you are ready for expanding and it is the right time now. Once you are confirmed that you are now ready to expand then look out some options you have. Whether your marketing is good enough to attract a franchisee what will be the terms and conditions between you and franchisee. If you don’t high amount of working capital and want have less stress and don’t have hire too many employees you can go with franchise model but if you have enough working capital and you areready to invest it and your organisation is having good leadership then you must go with setting up your own infrastructure.

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