Poverty is not just a lack of money.

“Poverty is not just a lack of money; it is not having the capability to realize one’s full potential as a human being” — Amartya Sen

Poverty is a state or condition in which a person or community lacks the financial resources and essentials for a minimum standard of living. This is the basic “definition” we have been learning since ages. But, the bigger question here is is Poverty really confined to just financial resources or there is something more to it. If I have to answer this question I would say Poverty is a broad term which has been limited to the understanding of only money and people who can’t earn it . It is also a stereotypical word in the society where they have created an imaginary line of  people Above poverty line (APL) and people Below Poverty line (BPL) .

Poverty is the lack of Education and Health services . Poverty is not having a house to call yours. Poverty is hunger. Poverty is no job security .Poverty is loneliness of a person. Poverty  is fear of the future ,poverty is not able to imagine the days ahead. It is objective ,subjective and psychological.  Poverty is social exclusion or when you can not provide your children with stuff they want. It urges people to find an escape. The way of finding escape is sometimes dangerous. When a farmer is compelled to commit a suicide because he can’t feed his family and can not bear to see them starving that is Poverty. When a person is alone in a room full of people that is poverty. When your husband provides you with all the luxuries but fails to give you love, affection and time that is poverty.  A person who has nobody to talk his heart out to is called poor. Poverty is not only numbers but poverty is emotions, a feeling, a fear, an insecurity , anxiety and depression.

When a daughter is not allowed to stay out late because her father is frightened to even think about the detrimental effects it could have ,poverty exists here. When the society blames a woman for being divorced or a single mother ,their thinking reflects poverty. When a son leaves his parents to a VRIDH ASHRAM because he is too busy in his life to take care of them, that accounts for poverty. When two people  can not have a love marriage because their caste does not allow them, it is poverty. When a person belonging to the LGBTQ category is seen indifferently there comes in poverty. Bullying a friend for any xyz reason and making him lose his confidence  in himself is poverty. Male chauvinism is poverty, a drunk man beating his helpless wife is poverty. We as humans do not  raise voice for the right is Poverty. 

Poverty is a complex societal concept and it needs a lot of attention. It’s high time to realize that there are people who are lacking various comforts of life. The need to provide basic education to a child to build a secure future is important . Just by reaching out to people with various slogans does not help, what we need is Actions that are louder than words. The improvement of Healthcare facilities to reach out to the most vulnerable parts of the country is very important. The urgency to improve the infrastructure of the Healthcare industry has been completely witnessed in the current Pandemic situation where coronavirus has made people realize that few things can not be ignored for long. It is important to make sure that no child or adult goes to sleep starving. The country is experiencing a jobless growth leading to different other consequences and this needs to be addressed as soon as possible. It is important that the women of this country have freedom . A freedom from fear, a freedom from social barriers ,freedom from expectations,freedom from being forced for marriage, freedom to study upto the extent they want to.

“Extreme poverty anywhere is a threat to human security everywhere.

We as Humans have a lot of potential to deal and cope with things and try all possibilities to improve situations in hand. Every problem has a solution but only finding the right ones is important. India and Indians both have a lot of potential to improve their credibility over others . For an economy to make progress it is important to strengthen its roots and its roots lie in the most vulnerable sections of the society . For alleviating  poverty, a freedom to sustain, a freedom to express ,a freedom to actually live freely is the most important. India should succeed in making its citizens feel secure and to live free of poverty – emotionally and physically.

In conclusion, poverty is not the problem of a person but of the whole nation. Also, it should be dealt with on an urgent basis by the implementation of effective measures. In addition, eradication of poverty has become necessary for the sustainable and inclusive growth of people, society, country, and economy.

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