Treatment Facilities for other illness in COVID-19 hospitals

For appropriate management of COVID-19 cases, Government of India has advised State governments to setup a three-tier arrangement of health facilities exclusively for COVID.

These are-

(i) COVID Care Center with isolation beds for mild or pre-symptomatic cases;

(ii) Dedicated COVID Health Centre (DCHC) with oxygen supported isolation beds for moderate cases and

(iii) Dedicated COVID Hospital (DCH) with ICU beds for severe cases.

In order to prevent cross infection from COVID cases to those being admitted for non-COVID illness, these beds shall not be put to use for treatment of patients other than COVID.

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), Government of India followed a graded approach and has guided states for accordingly expanding COVID-19 dedicated hospital infrastructure. The states were advised to plan for the requisite number of isolation, oxygen supported and ICU beds, based on the prevalent and expected case growth rate.

As per the information provided by the States/ UTs on the Covid-19 Portal, State-wise details of Hospitals, beds in COVID dedicated facilities (Government and Private both) as on 18th September 2020 is given at Annexure. However, as the situation is dynamic, the bed utilization position changes day-to-day.

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