Covid-19 struck us without a warning and left all educational institutions scrambling to respond to its urgencies. It has also created a need to creatively deal with such unforeseen and once-in-a-century catastrophic events that are being called the ‘new normal’.

Educational institutions deserve appreciation for a quick response to the lockdown restrictions amid the pandemic. Their readiness has resulted in a wave of online classes for learners of every level, ranging from course subjects, co-curricular areas such as fine and performing arts to mental wellness and physical fitness.

Bullying by students, argumentative parents who often peep into classes, and distracted children — these are just some of the challenges teachers face during online classes.

While teachers in private schools primarily complain about online bullying by students during video calls, their government counterparts claim the biggest challenge is reaching students who belong to the economically weaker section.

Students are bored in their homes which often results in them doing mischievous activities for entertainment.  They share links of online classes that are sent to them by their teachers. They also tend to create Zoom IDs in random, unidentifiable names and troll teachers. Some switch off their camera and call teachers by their names from these IDs, some use them to send memes to teachers.

Teachers also claim that student’s relatives use the link to log into the class and “see what the teacher looks like, what she teaches and how she speaks”.

As per foreign media reports, Singapore banned some video conferencing applications used for teaching after hackers posted obscene images during classes.

Students who bully teachers, relate it with being cool and laugh it out, in the process what they don’t realize is how much embarrassment the teacher must have felt. 

However, with no clue yet on when institutes can reopen, teachers say they are trying their best to get past the hurdles which often means just ignoring undisciplined behavior.

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