Importance of Water

Priya Yadav,

Water is a priceless gift of nature. Water is essential for survival. Without food, we can stay hungry for many days, but it is impossible to survive without water. Water is the need of every living being. Not only humans, plants, animals, and birds also cannot survive without water. Without water, the entire vegetation will disappear. What would happen if there was no water? Without water, there would be no crops, no fruits, no vegetables, no weeds, nothing. What happens around? nothing, No creature survives.

Earth does not produce grains, animals do not provide milk without mother-in-law, we do not get milk to drink. Water is of two types – one saline and the other sweet. Drinking water is sweet. The seawater is salty and salty. That water does not work for drinking. The water that keeps flowing gets rotten, it stinks. Many types of insects in that water? The pandemic spreads due to the mosquitoes and mosquitoes. We also should not let water stand around our homes. This will keep our neighborhood clean and we will be healthy.

We should save water. Water should not be wasted. Water should be used sparingly. The water tap should not be allowed to run in vain. Summer requires more water. Do not wash your vehicles with water and clean them with a soaked cloth. Water should not be used casually. Due to the increasing population, water usage has also started increasing. To build houses, to drink. For bathing. dresses. Water is needed to wash dishes, so we should save water.

Water should be boiled and drunk during rainy days. Boiling water and drinking it kills the germs present in it. In this way, stomach diseases can be avoided. Lack of water on the earth. is. The earth is warming day by day. The glaciers are melting, due to which there is a scarcity of water in the rivers as the Ganges originates from the Gangotri glacier. It is melting due to strong sunlight and heat. The day is not far when the river Ganges will dry up. The North and South Pole ice is melting. Due to this, the water of the sea will increase and the cities around it will be burnt in the sea. Water has many benefits.

Water not only quenches our thirst, but electricity is also produced from it. Large dams are being stopped on the rivers to prevent water from which electricity is produced. That water is used for cultivation by canals. The stagnant water behind the dam is being converted into lakes in which fish are reared. If we consume water today only then our future will be safe. By saving water in the present, we can secure our future. We have to save every drop of water for the well being of the country, only then our future will be safe.

Oceans are found on 78% of the earth, which contains salty water but it is not fit to drink. Potable water is called sweet water or sweet water. Out of the total water present on earth, only 2.7 percent of water is potable.

Water is very important for humans. A man can live for 7 days without eating, but without drinking water, he will die in 3 days. We all feel thirsty and use water to quench thirst.
To stay healthy a person should consume at least 2 to 3 liters of water per day. When there is no water when you are thirsty, you feel great discomfort. This shows the importance of water.

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