Mental Health Awareness

If we look more closely at the word suicide, we can really turn it around to read it as u decide. But have most of us stopped to think the same with our lives too. Whenever faced with an issue we all decide to reach to a very extreme solution, that is ending our lives. No matter how small or big the problem is suicide seems like an easy way out sometimes.

There is always a solution, a answer or a way out to all the problems we face. All we need to do is to look at it clearly but sometimes what happens is that we forget to do it. It is advisable to consult someone and talk about your problems. Just like the saying goes sharing is caring. Sharing our problems can lower the burden sometimes.  But most of don’t like sharing our thoughts especially because of the stigma attached towards it by the society. People are scared that they might not fit into society’s perception of a perfect human being, that they are ready to risk their mental health too.

Mental illness is the illness of the brain which an result in the change in the behavior and thinking of a person. It is also just like any other disease that affects our body which can be cured with the proper medicine. One of the most common mental health issues found among people are anxiety disorders and mood disorders. Mental health is a primary component of a human being. And it is high time that we give certain importance to it too, after all we need healthy and sound people as our work force rather than people whos minds are not at the right places

Recently people are coming out of their holes in admitting that they have mental health issues too. Many celebrities have also taken up the issue of addressing the need for wiping out any kinds of stigma around mental health. Lets talk is a frontline campaign for the mental health movement where people are encouraging others to talk about their mental illness and any kinds of problems they face.

Sometimes it becomes so hard to reach out to people because we believe that they cannot help us. But what we think about certain things might not always be true. There is always two sides to a coin. We have to all make sure to have empathy to people rather then being sympathetic.
We cannot always find someone willing to talk to. And sometimes we simply cannot tell the difference between a person not suffering from mental illness and one who is suffering from mental illness. Like other diseases its not a visible one under an eye. It is something that can only be cured with a proper approach towards the patient.