Role of media in society

Priya Yadav,

In democratic countries, the media is known as the “fourth pillar” to monitor the activities of the legislature, executive, and judiciary. Since the 18th century, the media has played an important role in enabling and sensitizing the public, especially since the time of the American independence movement and the French Revolution. If the media plays a positive role then any person, institution, group, and country can be made economically, socially, culturally, and politically prosperous.

In the present time, the usefulness, importance, and role of media are continuously increasing. No society, government, class, institution, group person can move forward by ignoring the media. Media has become an unavoidable necessity in today’s life. If we look at what the society calls, then the fact comes out that we cannot call a crowd of people or unaffiliated people. Society means the fabrication of relationships, in which communities with intelligent and thoughtful humans exist.

Media is a comprehensive system that includes information like printing press, journalists, electronic mediums, radio, cinema, internet, etc. If we talk about the role of media in society, it means that what the media is, directly and indirectly, contributing to the society and what positive and negative impact it is having on society during the discharge of its responsibilities.

After considering the effect, it is clear that the increase in power, importance, and usability of the media in society has increased its positive effects considerably but at the same time, its negative effects have also emerged.

While the media has contributed to making the public fearlessly aware, exposing corruption, logical control overpowers and the promotion of public interest works, greed, fear, malice, competition, maliciousness, and tainted their role by being trapped in the trap of political intrigue Has also done. Adopting Yellow Journalism for personal or institutional vested interests, exploiting others by blackmail, sabotaging gossip news and twisting news, publishing news that provokes riots, making events and statements redundant, fear Or greedily flattering the ruling party, unnecessarily praising and glorifying someone and criticizing another is being done by the media nowadays. Exaggerating accident and sensitive issues, ignoring news related to ‘honesty, morality, dedication, and courage’ has become a common feature of media nowadays. This behavior of media creates a state of chaos and imbalance in society.

Print Media and TV And through cinema, western culture is coming and spreading, due to which there has been an increase in incidents like unnecessary fashion, obscenity, theft, hooliganism in society. Due to this collapse, the younger generation is also getting entangled in the pit of collapse.

Antisocial activities are reaching the youth through the Internet, due to which there is a continuous lack of morality, culture, and civilization. In view of all this, it has become necessary to discuss the role of media today.

The role of the media should be as a true information delivery agency. The society gets information about the events happening all over the world through the media. Therefore, there should be an effort of the media that this information should be realistic. There should not be any attempt to present information by distorting or corrupting it. For the benefit and information of the society, the information should be presented to the public in a just and pure form. The presentation of media should be such that it can guide society. Presentation of news and events in such a way that the public can be guided. Good articles, editorials, knowledgeable information, best entertainment, etc. should be included in the news, only then the right direction can be provided to the society.

Media provides leadership to society in many ways. This affects the ideology of society. Media should also be present in the role of motivator so that society and governments can get inspiration and guidance. Media is also the protector of the interests of different sections of society. He also plays the role of society’s policy, traditions, beliefs, and as a guardian of civilization and culture. Information about various events happening all over the world is available to different sections of society through media. Therefore, he should present the information objectively in the right perspective.

The media also plays a big role in the imbalance and balance of society through its news. Media can develop a sense of peace, harmony, harmony, and courtesy in society through its role. Media should act in a very restrained manner in times of social tension, conflict, differences, war, and riots. Media also plays an important role in instilling a sense of devotion and unity towards the nation. The media should actively participate in the broadcast of inspiring and encouraging news in honor of the martyrs. Media can also play the role of mobilizer through various social functions. At the time of the earthquake, flood or other natural or man-made disasters, public assistance can provide a great service to humanity. The media should also come forward to promote goodwill.

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