The boiling frog syndrome

Our environment has been of top most concern for the past few decades and rightfully so. There have been various campaigns, schemes, protects and rallies to spread awareness about the danger our environment is in and yet not everyone gets it. This is where the boiling frog syndrome can be seen with respect to our environment.

 As humans we adapt to our surroundings little by little without even realising it. This is usually used to describe undesirable situations where one starts to adapt without noticing the negative effects it’s having on them.

So what is the Boiling Frog Syndrome?

When a frog is put into an already boiling pot of water it will jump out of it because the temperature of the liquid is too high. But when the frog is released into a pot of water which is at room temperature it just sits there. When the pot is heated gradually, the frog slowly gets used to the increasing heat until it is too much for the frog, leading to its death, yet the frog shows no signs of getting out of the water as it senses no danger.

Psychologists use this as an example for how people consciously or unconsciously adapt to certain situations be it harmful and not. In today’s time this analogy is used by contemporary scientists to metaphorically represent how humans are getting used to the climate change. This just shows how people are digging their own graves. It’s high time everyone starts to recognize this and does their part is saving our Earth.