Customer Experience with a Millennial Mind

Millennial communication is very different from the past generation. Communication now-a-days have been shut down in a chat box full of  GIFs, videos, stickers and many more. When we have to solve a problem, we search in You Tube for video tutorials to solve that issue.

Many millennial prefer methods of connection and communication involving an abundance of emojis, GIFs, memes and acronyms.

How to create business in this generation? How do to create a customer experience that will make an impact and create a loyal customer out of this this generation? Here is the ultimate guide to create experience with a millennial mind.

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Actually there are five key terms or concept that is very helpful in breaking the noise and tailor, your customer

  • Be authentic
  • Show but do not tell
  • Work around their schedule
  • Try to speak in their language
  • Know your audience

Be authentic

Create a trustworthiness and transparency. It allows you to create a connection with the customer in an authentic. Think beyond your tagline and provide as much as possible information. The millennial knows the better from the best.

Every product has its own story to tell. Convey that story in an unique way to the customers  and create a brand story. Have engagement to social media and be very careful while choosing your AI to replace customer support.

Show but do not tell

This generation is the generation of convenience, quick, efficient and speedy. Create your own ways to showcase your product through videos, images and it can create a brand loyalty. Provide a clear message to the customer as lousy messages can create a lot of confusions.

All customers have their own preference –but your millennial customers are special  and you must to know how to reach them. Use videos, GIFs to promote your product and create brand loyalty. Today’s customer are 95% more likely to remember a call to action after watching video, compared to 10% who can read a call to action in text format.

Work around their schedule

Millennial are willing to work ever after their work schedule. Therefore there is huge demand for cloud based tools, digital communication.

Providing visual references to your customers makes the customer feel that you are aware of  their precious time and their specific time. You can nurture the journey of the customers.

Try to speak in their language

Adopt a right way to communicate with millennial customers. Sending quick videos, recording actually prevent the reputation of your company. Visual communication actually saves time and is very appealing to the customers. As a picture is worth saying than 1000 words. It has a great memorising value.

Companies can save time by using various ways like: on boarding new customers, proving feedback of customer, answering the questions of customers, explaining the complicated work flows of the company and many more.

Know your audience

Generation Y and Z  are extremely visual creatures. Young people today are growing up with internet, android phones, smart phones and social media as a rule. It is not an exceptions.

Millennial still may remember the sound of dial-up internet but the generation does not even know the life before Wifi.

Use this facility to connect more deeply with your customer. We assure you that you will create  a millennial-approved, positive and future foresight thinking customer experience.

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