We all face this question everyday in some or the either way. Many times we get stuck and are not able to decide which one to choose. Whether to give more importance to ethics and morals and follow idealism or to give more importance to practicality, pros and cons and personal benefits and follow realism. Many you will say that we should consider the importance of morals and ethics. We should consider the almighty and his supremacy and many of you will also say that in today’s era one should emphasis on one’s personal benefits and practicality. I alone cannot change the world. Nothing will happen if I follow morals every person is only seeking his or her own benefits.

The most important thing which effects our decision making is our mindset and priorities. In oral and in speeches we may give long lectures on idealism but when it comes to personal interest, all morals and principles are kept aside. The most common example is use of Air conditioners. You have seen many people giving speeches on depletion of ozone layer and CFCs but they themselves have ACs in every room. We all promote the use of public transport instead of personal transport but many of us work hard and take loans at high interests to buy a car and show off in society. We have to change this mentality and our hypocrite nature. Until and unless we don’t unite nothing productive is going to happen.

At the end i will conclude that if your realism is not violating any ethics and morals and you did not have intensions of making any false act then your realism is acceptable and if your idealism is not affecting to you severely then your idealism is also accepted because feeding others without having food for yourself is an act of complete foolishness.

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