Leisure : Uses & Misuses

 Leisure is defined by Google as the time when one isn’t working or occupied. As the old maxim says ‘All work & no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ The maxim has never lost its meaning & it will never lose its significance in our day-to-day life. One must learn to incorporate other curricular activities as well in their daily lives to improve the quality of their lives. The theory is not limited within an age limit so irrespective of that right from a kindergarten student to working professionals.

Disregarding the fact if one is occupied with work & has an occupied schedule one should find at least enough time to spend with themselves & their loved ones. Having a goal-oriented approach in life is okay & one must have that, but living out life, doing things that give you pleasure is also necessary. One can cite the root cause of depressions & other severe mental disorders due to lack of leisure time. A dry, constantly overburdened & monotonous life causes the spring of our life’s vitality will get dried up. It has a nourishing influence on life. Leisure in life is just like green parks & open spaces to a congested & crowded city.


 Albeit, this shouldn’t be confused with idleness or shirking duties. Rather should be spent in meaningful & healthy pursuits. Finding joy in spending leisure time practicing your hobbies is one. You may try listening to some loud music or plug in your earphones while reading a novel. Some may prefer spending time composing poems or songs while others might find gardening interesting. Don’t hesitate to do anything that derives your inner peace & happiness. 

 In present times, binging TVs, Laptops & phones are the most popular & easily available means of spending leisure. People are just a tap away from watching films, web series, dramas, sports events, musical programs, quizzes, discussions, or even news channels. There are innumerable options to avail of them. The modern technology has certainly made people more informative & lazy on the contrary. 

 As it is rightly said, anything in excess isn’t good. So addiction to past time can prove to be harmful. Binging cricket matches on TV may prove to be harmful. This may cause a person to develop an absent-minded approach for serious works & duties. Similarly causing a student to deflect from his fields. 

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