Priya Yadav

Due to the harmful air pollution affecting the natural, our youth is getting more chest, they are often away from home. And in the atmosphere, the smoke of the existing factories, mixed in the air around the clock, comes out from the poisonous smoke. Which causes us to breathe. Mumbai’s news has shown that when clothes are put on the roof and when they bring clothes, black and black earrings get fixed in those clothes, and like this, Karna goes into the lungs of humans with the breath. This air pollution is most tolerated by our youth because it is often read outside.

Air pollution
Man has not only polluted the water but has also polluted the air by using its various activities and technical items. The amount of all types of gases in the atmosphere is fixed. There is no specific change in the amount of these gases when there is equilibrium in nature, but due to some reason if the quantity of gases changes, then air pollution occurs.

The effect of air pollution is immediately visible as compared to other pollutants. If there is poisonous gas dissolved in the air, it immediately shows its effect and takes the life of animals and animals nearby. The Bhopal gas scandal is a direct example of this. Different modes of transport have also evolved due to the development of various technologies.

On the one hand, while the new means of transport make traffic smooth and easy, on the other hand, they play an important role in polluting the environment. Petrol and diesel are used as fuel in the modes of transport used in the cities. Smoke resulting from the burning of petrol and diesel pollutes the atmosphere.

The era of industrialization is full of industries. Sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide gases are found in the atmosphere due to the smoke emanating from the chimneys of various small and large industries. These gases reach the earth with rainwater and make sulfuric acid, which is harmful to the environment and its organisms.

Foul gases from the leather and soap manufacturing industries pollute the environment. In industries like cement, a lime, mineral, etc. excessive amount of dust flies and gets into the air, which pollutes the air. By breathing in the dust mixed air, people working and living there often have blood pressure, heart disease, respiratory diseases, eye diseases, and TB. As the chances of getting disease increases.

Due to the huge increase in population, the place of living of human beings is getting smaller day by day, so man is constructing a habitat for his living in deforestation. In cities, LPG and kerosene are used for cooking, which spread a type of foul air.

Some people use wood or coal for firewood, which emits excessive smoke and mixes in the air. Humans do deforestation for places and firewood. Deforestation is decreasing the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere and increasing the amount of carbon dioxide and polluting the air. Explosions, shelling, war, etc. are carried out by humans using various types of technical equipment.

Due to the explosion, an excessive amount of dust is added to the atmosphere and pollutes the air. Due to the use of guns and excessive firing, the smell of gunpowder spreads in the atmosphere. Presently humans use plastic items for their comfort and throw them around in the event of a break or break. Cleaning workers often burn plastic with all types of waste, which causes a foul smell in the atmosphere.

Many types of explosions are carried out and gases are tested in order to make new technological experiments. During this time many types of gas dissolve in the atmosphere and pollute it. The excessive emission of harmful gases leads to ‘acid rain’, which is fatal to humans as well as other living beings and agricultural activities.

Refrigerators and air conditioners used in office and home use produce chloro-fluoro carbon, which damages the ozone layer protecting our skin from ultraviolet rays emanating from the sun. Excess firecrackers also pollute the air on various festive occasions. The environment is highly affected by air pollution.

Water Pollution
Pollution by water, the contaminated water of kal-factories, together with the rivers and rivers, causes severe pollution. If ever a fence comes, this polluted water spreads all over the place, and it dissolves the water, and this dissolved water dissolves in all the sewers and produces many diseases. Which hurts our youth.
Due to the excessive population in cities, the trend of building flats is increasing, so that three to six families can live in a flat easily. These flats require more water at fewer places and there is increasing pressure on the underground water reserves. Deepwater is being exploited while constructing deep boring.

Contaminated water, leftovers, chemical waste, etc., released from excessive construction of industries are dumped into the river through drains. The waste generated by the daily activities of the people living in the flats is dumped on the river, polluting the water of the rivers.

Settlements near the city do not have proper toilets, or even if it does not function properly, people often use the river or pond land or drains to defecate there. In the rain, all this dirt goes to the rivers or ponds.

Due to the lack of proper waste disposal in the slums, people often dump the waste in the pond or river water. In addition to bathing and washing the water of ponds and rivers, it is also used for bathing animals, due to which the dirt of their body dissolves in water. Clothes are washed, garbage, feces, and urine are poured, old clothes are put on the ashes of carcasses, rotten-knotted materials, not only that, sometimes bodies are dumped in rivers.

Humans have polluted the water of rivers, ponds, and groundwater. It also did not release ocean water to pollute. Tourists are visiting many places along the sea, due to which many small and big settlements have been settled along the sea. The people live there by selling various types of materials to tourists.

There is no provision of toilets in those settlements, even if they are not functioning properly, due to which the people of the town defecate in the ocean water and the waste and waste of the house also flow into the ocean water. They pollute the water of the ocean. Due to the development of various technologies, large ships move in the waters of the ocean, which carry the movement of passengers and the materials from one place to another.

Ships after their cleanliness often dump the dirt in the seawater. Sometimes a ship accidentally sinks, then the chemical substances, oil, etc. are found in the seawater and they affect the health of the animals living in it for a long time.

Some organisms die instantly due to water contamination and further pollute the water. Humans also fall ill by consuming aquatic organisms living in contaminated water. Developed countries often dump their country’s dirt and e-waste, due to which water is badly contaminated.

Initially, when technology was not developed, people used to live in harmony with nature and the environment, but due to technological development and industrialization, there was a competition in modern man. In this competition, man can only see his selfishness.

He has forgotten that his existence on this earth is due to nature and the environment. It is also a major cause of environmental pollution. Naturally, water can be polluted only by the death of organisms and bathing of animals, but man uses water not only for his selfishness to bathe and drink but also the waste of household, the waste of industries Also puts.

Farmers use different types of chemical fertilizers in the fields so that their crop is good, there are no insects in the crop, so pesticides are also sprayed. All these chemical elements along with the rainwater go into the ponds and river-drains and pollute the water there.

Industries dump their waste directly into rivers and streams, as well as their smoke is not properly drained, causing the oily fraction of smoke to accumulate as a black layer above the surrounding accumulated water reserves Lives and pollutes the water.

Land pollution
Land provides the basis for all living organisms. It is also not untouched by pollution. Due to population growth, man’s living space is getting reduced, due to which he is fulfilling his need by deforestation. Continuous deforestation is not only increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and decreasing the amount of oxygen but also deteriorating the balance of living organisms.
Trees protect the top layer of the land from blowing through the wind and flowing in the water and the land remains fertile. Continuous cutting of trees is increasing the chances of the land becoming barren and desert. In this way, deforestation deteriorates the balance of nature. Changes in the balance of nature are the major cause of environmental pollution. Demand for grain has also increased due to population growth.

Farmers use chemical fertilizers for excessive crop production and also spray pesticides to protect the crop from insects, which pollutes the land. Groundwater is being heavily exploited and garbage is being scattered here and there. Excessive exploitation of the minerals present in the land apart from groundwater creates the problem of landslides.

Plastic does not decay as waste. The plant in the place where it is in excessive quantity is not able to grow properly, which contaminates the land. In the technological age, modern humans have invented many new weapons, so that the enemy can be easily destroyed. Due to the use of these weapons in war, there are many people on the battlefield.

Noise pollution
Humans like to live in a quiet environment but nowadays disturbed by the noise of vehicles, noise of factories, traffic noise, noise of motor vehicles, loudspeakers, has created stress problem for our youth.
Noise pollution was not a serious problem in the early stage of the development of human civilization, but as human civilization developed and became equipped with modern equipment, the problem of noise pollution has become acute and severe. Presently, this pollution plays an important role in making human life stressful. The loud voice not only affects our hearing, but it is also the cause of blood pressure, heart disease, headache, insomnia, and mental illnesses.

In the process of industrial development, a wide variety of industries have been established in every corner of the country. The noise emanating from the various devices operating in these industries is polluted. Different routes, be it waterways, airways, or land routes, all produce a loud sound. The horrific roaring of airplanes, rockets, and helicopters in the airways helps in increasing noise pollution.

The noise of ships plying on the waterways and the sound of the engines of vehicles plying on the ground along with their horns are the main causes of noise pollution. Sound is transmitted in a loud voice by various means of entertainment and mass communication. Loudspeakers address the gathering by speaking in the meeting and the processions and information is sent. Songs are played aloud on various festive occasions.

Loudspeakers are also used for public relations campaigns and information is sent to the public. Advertisers also sometimes promote their products in a loud voice. In order to have deep boring done, there is excessive noise in the order of running the crusher machine, digging with the dozer. The excessive noise of musical instruments pollutes the sound on the occasion of marriage, marriage, or religious ritual. In addition, they generate unnecessarily uncomfortable, and unusable noise.

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