Reasons for Illiteracy in India.

Illiteracy is one of the biggest problems in India. Gone are the days when the basic needs were referred to ROTI,KAPDA AND MAKAAN. There is an addition to it. Now it stands for ROTI,KAPDA,MAKAAN,EDUCATION AND HEALTH.  Lack of qualified education and basic knowledge has resulted in a lack of economic growth. Education is very important for an individual’s mental as well as physical growth. For a country to have a productive Human capital it is important that they are well educated and literate. It is because of the lack of education that poverty exists. The crimes increase because people do not have a living and also a sense of rational thinking. Moreover if we compare the illiteracy rate of women is much higher than men because there are still people who do not believe to educate their girls. The infrastructure for education is also not well developed. The quality of education of a public education varies too much from a private school. And it is the reason that private schools are costlier and not all can afford to go there.

There are several reasons for illiteracy in India. Some of these are :

Less educated parents – There are times when the parents are not so educated and they also lack the knowledge as to why education has such an important role .Therefore leading to less education of their children too.

Lack of Infrastructure – The educational infrastructure is still not developed as the way it should have post so many years of Independence. Due to which there are still people who can not access education. It is the duty of the government to reach out to the most vulnerable sections of the society.

Poverty- This is the root cause of Illiteracy .There are still people who do not have access to proper food, shelter and clothing . They can not afford to even send their children to school and are forced to put them to work may be in the farming activities or any other form of work they are in.

Population – The rapid increase in population also plays a role in the increasing rate of Illiteracy. The resources are scarce and the users are in great numbers . The poor people think that if they have more number of children and send their children to work they will earn more living and so instead of education they force them to work.

Corruption – The red tapism and corruption have led to this condition. The funds provided for deducation are often misleaded and and are used for filling the pockets of the officials.

Brain Drain- The educated people in India often take a decision to settle abroad or find a job there because they do not get their favorable job in India. They feel their talent is under utilized and thus they move abroad leading to brain drain in the country.

Backward thinking – The gender biasness still exist in the society . They believe that the education of girls is not so important and so they only send their boys to school further leading to imbalance of education ratio between girls and boys.

Finally for a country to grow and prosper it is really important that it’s citizens are educated enough to contribute to the society. The launching of policies alone will not work what is important is it implementation and effectiveness. There is a lack of awareness among people. It is high time that education reaches to the remote areas as well as the big cities equally and adequately. It is that even after so many years of independence India is still lacking behind in providing education to its countrymen.

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