The Importance Of being Career Oriented.

The importance of Career in today’s era is one of the most important thing a person should have in his life. A life without a set objective is almost worthless because then you become unproductive and contribute nothing to the society as well as to your own soul. Everybody should have career objective because that leads a growth of an individual. It enhances their skills and personality and help them to become a better person.

Just like charity begins at home, the education that one must be career oriented starts from the home of a child or the upbringing and background they come from . The another major role is of the schools they have studied from . A school plays a major part in the development of a student . It is there you learn how to talk ,express and stand firmly on your point of views. The stage fear can be adressed if you have a school that notices it and helps you cope with it. There are parents who at their times could not study in maybe an English medium school but they promise themselves that their child would get the best education and they are ready to work hard for it as much as required. But why , why do these parents know the importance of good education ? Because when they look back at life they have regrets and they don’t want that when their child grows up and looks back at life he has to regret anything, rather they want that all he can see is achievements.

In our India parents are already over enthusiastic when a child is born – They are already ready with their set of goals for their children. He will be an Engineer or She will be a Doctor is what they already declare. But, however , these things are gradually changing by time . Now there are a a lot of parents who support their children in which ever field they want to go to and that is what is IMPORTANT . When a child has supporting parents his life becomes easy. Careers can be in any field .Many aspire to becomes Coreographers, Singers, An Entrepreneur, An Engineer, A doctor, Musician ,A Doctorate etc. Today careers can be in any form. There are youtubers and Fashion bloggers that are earning lakhs of money just because they have the dedication as well as skills towards their interests.

A male should be career oriented because he is also expected to play certain roles in the society. As a son he is expected to earn for the family when his father retires. As a husband he needs to provide his wife a good lifestyle. As a father he needs to be a role model for his child. And as an individual he needs to has to fulfill his social needs. He needs to fulfill his self esteem needs as well his self actualization needs, He needs to feel accomplished.

The importance of being career oriented is major in a Women’s life. Especially in this world today . NO WOMAN SHOULD BE DEPENDENT ON ANYBODY. It is very important that a woman is Independent because it is not like earlier as it was that women will marry men and thus their life is secured. And it should not even be like that . This myth has to be changed . Why does a Woman need a Man for her financial security when she can be financially secured herself. And all the parents out there should educate their girls equally as they educate their boys. There are many parents who support their girls to study hard and achieve their goals and these girls are really lucky to have this oppurtunity because this society still has back school parents who believe girls have to marry one day so why spend? There are a lot of cases today where the husband and wives are separated due to xyz reason . What after that ? If a woman is not educated or has a job or is independent how will she survive in this society who will not let her live peacefully and is always ready to taunt a woman ?Even if the husband and wife lives together, if a woman is expected to contribute in all the ways with her husband she should also be expected to contribute financially. That reduces the burden on one person and brings peace in the family.

Therefore, to complete the purpose of life one should be career oriented. Nothing is impossible. Let’s replace the word CAN I TO I CAN. Your career growth depends on your Hardwork, sacrifice and know everything is there is nothing special in that- Kishan Peddulwar

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