There is a famous proverb that change is the rule of nature and it applies to marketing as well. Marketing is something which keeps on changing after short durations. The advertisements and banners whether digital or physical are to be posted where eyeballs are maximum in number . but showing your ads or banners to wrong eyeballs are not going to give you good returns on the money you invested for marketing. Now the reason why the equations of marketing keeps on changing is the changing of eyeballs. Previously it use to be on newspapers but now it is on social media. In social media also previously Facebook was very popular but now the audience is shifting more towards instagram. But if your target audience is of students then telegram can also be useful to you if you are marketing for educational organisation.

Few years back the newspapers, radios and television were the only place for marketing. Other than that tellecalling and door to door sales were used. Broadly we can say that it was an era of outbound marketing where you reach customers and offer your services or tell about your goods. But now inbound marketing is getting more prominent and customers themselves come to the business. Inbound marketing includes SEO, Social media marketing, PPC, Digital sales E commerce.

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