Umeed pe Duniya kayam hai is what we often here . If you want to carry one thing in life. Let it be HOPE. Hope that better things are always ahead. Man ka ho toh acha and Man ka na ho toh aur bhi accha is actually true because than God is planning something great for you. If you do not succeed today does not mean you will not succeed tomorrow Maybe you need a little more efforts. Take the past as your learning. The attitude of I cant do it should always be replaced by I Can do it. Because nothing is impossible in this world,even the word impossible says I M POSSIBLE.

Life is all about ups and downs .You can’t always go up and not fall down. There comes a point where you fail to achieve your goals but don’t get dis-heartened. Collect your efforts back and then pour them into the next activity you undertake. In this world of competition, we have started being too hard on ourselves . We tend to forget that we have a body and a mind that needs rest and positivity. When you on the path of optimism you being stronger and decide not to give up whatever the situation is. Optimism helps you to reduce stress or rather gives you the power to deal with it. You stay healthy and happier.

There are some famous personalities that have won laurels in their field because out of all the qualities they have the one accounts for Optimism . Mahendra Singh Dhoni, our ex captain cool is one of the finest examples of optimism. The amount of positivity and patience he has is unmatchable and appealing. Dhoni is an idol for the youth of this country and time and again he proves himself. He is the most calm personality one could see or meet. Another example is of the New Zealand captain KANE WILLIAMSON .Even after losing the World cup after so much of hard work and almost winning the trophy the smile he had that got viral on the social media and the words he spoke were so positive. He defined exactly why he was chosen to be the captain of India. If we see spiritually, Gautam Buddha is also a perfect example. His priciples were all about positivity in life and he always encouraged his disciples to follow the path of wellness and positivity .Even an ant teaches you optimism. It climbs and falls but still climbs the wall until it reaches its goal.

Your vibe attracts your tribe. So always stay with people who gives you positivity and who are positive themselves. With people who encourage you to be good and stay good. Who appreciate you in your highs and who encourage you in your lows. The kind of company you are in really matters a lot. You grow with them and if you are with people who are pessimistic your scope of growth disappears, because they will only tell you why you should not for something or why you should not try something again which is not at all good. Trying is the thing in life and if you stop trying you stop learning and you become unproductive. Not losing hope is important. You can not allow yourself to break. Gather the pieces and come back stronger. Stay positive. Positivity has a lot of power. If you think positive everything happens positive around you . Spread smiles. Don’t let anybody dull your spark. You are a star and therefore born to shine. Believe in yourself !!!

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