To be angry is your foolishness…

If we try to search the root of anger, then it is revealed that the reason for this is external activities. There are some of them who are acting against us in some form or the manner. But don’t you agree that when external circumstances are against us, then we should become more supportive of ourselves. But normal human beings do just the opposite. 

When conditions are not favourable, we become more aggressive. We become angrier. Whereas we do so internally. Internally it bothers us more. Things become completely hostile to us. You suffer more than what you were angry about,  the person who is going against himself. 

Can you call him a sensible person? Certainly, he would be considered a mindless person. If this is a pleasant experience for you, then you should be angry day and night. You should always be angry. Nobody will have any problem. If you are enjoying it.

So keep doing this, nobody has a problem. But if it becomes annoying for you, then tell me who has chosen this trouble for yourself? If there are many people around you, then you will try to hold someone else responsible for this problem. These people do what they want to do. But are you also doing what you want?

This is the most important question. Have you prepared your mind for what you want to do? How do you live if you trouble yourself due to internal conditions, then you tell me how wise it is.

Now you tell me by being angry, your aggression is an identity of wisdom or your senselessness? When you understand this senselessness, then only you will have a truly happy experience. When you realize that your anger is a sign of your mindlessness, then your anger will suddenly disappear in a few days.

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