Are Our Defences To Fight Against Virus… working?

We all are suffering a crisis,and it does a little by avoiding it. With the vaccines still being months away,our only means of protection are a few only a few things which we can do. But…are they even helping us?

No offence,but my motive in no way is to scare you out and blabber about how the world has become so cruel. No. Just no. The main motive of writing is just so that you  start to be aware of certain things. This makes you buy things in an effective manner without turning a blind eye on anything.

So,what does our defence involve? Okay…let’s see..

  1. Gloves(although they don’t last too long)
  2. Mask(please let your mask stay where it is supposed to be!)
  3. Sanitizers (at least they don’t have anything wrong with them….right?)

There are many more things like the suit in which you look like a lab surgeon etc. Trust me the situation is not to be laughed at. But we can rarely do something when the situation is so sensitive. And while you are out there battling this calamity every single day,why not make it a tinsy bit brighter!

Anyways,though the things which we think ought to protect us,you might want to recheck some products out of them

  • Gloves

What is the sole purpose of gloves? Well,so that the microbe does not make any contact with our hands. But it’s true that the microbe makes contact with the gloves.  This makes it just like our hands, doesn’t it? Unless you sanitize your gloves regularly. See,gloves are useful so that our hands don’t come  in contact with the microbe. But you have to keep in mind that you should avoid any contact of the gloves with your skin.

Photo by Chokniti Khongchum

  • Masks

What could possibly be wrong with masks? Safety masks are supposed to make it so that you do not get the microbe into your body,and as the medium we are dealing with is air,masks are used. But masks are for your safety,not so that you choke yourself. Meaning,buying expensive masks and a normal mask,both work for the sole cause,to protect you. And wearing a mask to cover your chin will not possibly make you safe. 

Photo by Anna Shvets 

  • Sanitizers

Sanitizers are used so that the microbe does not remain on the surface.But the contents in the sanitizers are very important to check. To kill a microbe,a sanitizer must contain about 75 to 80% of ethanol, commonly known as spirit. Ethanol in the Sanitizers is what kills the microbes. But some sanitizers have something called methanol in their sanitizers . Why is methanol? Methanol is commonly known as wood alcohol,and if a sanitizer has any methanol in it,it can potentially be fatal to you. Methanol basically makes your skin really dehydrated and dry and may cause something called dermatitis(skin irritation). The symptoms of metabolism poisoning are as follows:

  1. Nausea
  2. Vomiting
  3. Dizz
  4. Disturbance in your vision
  5. Headache
  6. Unconsciousness
  7. Weakness in body

Now,if you have any of the following symptoms, don’t go running to your doctor. Methanol poisoning maybe one of the factors which are probably making your body react in such a way. If you face by of these problems,first go around and see whether your sanitizer includes any percent of methanol in it. If so, immediately stop the usage of such sanitizers. Even if they are expensive,they are not more than your health. But really,do we even know  the things which are added to the sanitizers which are labelled even genuine? Which is why,do make sure of the contents in the sanitizers.

Photo by Anna Shvets 

You might be wondering,’why is the writer writing these types of articles now…? ‘You see,for a long time I have been brushing off any topics which relate to our present conditions,but at some point of time  I have realised that brushing off things will not make them disappear. Sooner or later,we just have to face them. So..just wanted to clear that. 

I do not blame the system,they are doing wonders out there,but one should always remain alert if anybody is scamming with your money and conning you with their words.

Anyhow,we sort of have adapted ourselves to these conditions and probably will learn to find the fun in this as well!!

Fact: Suppose if you are in contact with a particular microbe for a certain amount of time,your body learns to get immune to the microbe itself! Which means,even if the microbe does enter your body,the body already knows how to kill it!


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