Charity: When It Changes From Help to Haplessness

Covid and lockdown are two major hits that the country has taken in the last half a year. And needless to say, it left the country wobbly on its knees. Everyone was affected, some more than others. Somewhere affected because of their financial status, some because of their ethnicity, some because of their profession, and some… because of their luck. Now you might ask me, why would I say so? But I have my reasons. 

I’m not someone who is on many social media platforms. Just enough to be in touch with the important people in my life. But one doesn’t have to be on all across the social web to have come across at least one picture of charity or donation. Now, many people might have this question, what’s the problem with that? Someone is doing good, so they share with the people. Cool, fair enough. But the point is not about the ones on the giving end. It’s about those  on the receiving one.

When the lockdown first started, the lives inside many houses went into mayhem. With almost no hand in cash, many people were at a loss what to do. With a lion’s share of population depending on the conventional bank and physical withdrawal system, they were stuck at a bad place when it came to financial matters. So for many people, taking the help they were extended was the only viable option. And so they did. But we as a society have a lot many flaws. One of them is looking down at those who we believe are below us. And knowing someone taking external help is a sure indicator. I remember watching a video where a middle aged man was bemoaning how just taking some ration in a donation camp, due to lack of sufficient funds at hand, left him and his family as the laughing and gossip talk of the neighbourhood. His children were asked if the man they saw on Facebook was their father. It was a very distraught experience for everyone.

No one has any rights to comment against anyone posting pictures on social media about anything they did. But people must understand, when they help someone and then post pictures with the other person, that other person gets involved, even if he/she doesn’t like to. And we don’t know what they have to face once they go back to their lives. No one should have to choose between hunger and self respect. Because nobody chooses to be in that position in the first place. Help and charity is an act for self, self satisfaction and self happiness. Not a response to prove oneself to the world. 

Problems should be known, talked about and shared. But for the sake of problems. Not for the sake of self. Not when the problem has been taken care of. If so, we need to move to the next one. We need to remember that our primary instincts have always been to help. And in the times of crisis, we need to follow that.