Indian Warning – If Chinese soldiers come to our post, they will not hesitate to shoot

Priya Yadav,

After the Galvan incident, China has deployed its troops in large numbers at India’s petrol point, so India has given a strong message to the dragon that if it happens again, be ready to bear the consequences. After the stalemate in Galvan, it became clear that words like peace appealed by China cannot be trusted. China is repeatedly provoking the Indian soldiers with its antics and now that is why India has clearly stated to the PLA that we will not be afraid of its gibberish.

India gave this proposal
Significantly, in the midst of the ongoing tension over the actual control (LSP) in Ladakh, India has made a practical offer to China to reduce China’s tension. Sources in the government said that during the talks between the two sides in Maldo in the last days, India said that the Chinese sides should retreat from all places (Disengagement). According to India, China should retreat at all places from the plain of Depsang to the southern part of Pangong. This process should not be selective. But China is not ready to accept the proposal that the Chinese army retreat to the first LAC. He says that the Indian Army should first retreat from the southern Paigong Tso area.

It is necessary to ensure ground stability
Two days after military talks with China to resolve the border-related deadlock in eastern Ladakh, India said on Thursday that the way forward would be to avoid any unilateral effort to change the status quo. And both sides continue the negotiations to repel troops from all areas of conflict.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava said that the withdrawal of troops is a complex process and it would require mutually agreed ‘mutual steps’. The way forward will be to avoid any unilateral attempt to change the status quo. Srivastava also said that the next meeting is likely to be held soon under the framework of the Negotiating and Coordination Mechanism (WMCC) on Indo-China border matters.

It is believed that this dialogue will take place before the next round of Corps Commander level talks. Srivastava said that both sides are working towards a complete withdrawal from all areas of the conflict. Simultaneously, it is also important to ensure stability at the ground level. He also said that the meeting of senior commander level should be seen in its entire perspective.

India and China going through an ‘unprecedented’ situation
Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said on Thursday that in reference to the ongoing border dispute between India and China in East Ladakh, the two countries are going through an ‘unprecedented’ situation. Addressing the World Economic Forum’s online conference, Jaishankar said that how India and China keep pace with their growth is a big issue, a part of which is a border dispute.
This is Jaishankar’s first comment on the border dispute that has been going on for four and a half months, after talks with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on 10 September, on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting in Russia’s capital Moscow. On how the relationship between the two big countries of Asia will proceed, Jaishankar said that it is important for India and China to understand the need to adjust each other’s development.

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