Survival is for all!…

Today I went outside to buy some groceries. Somewhere on the road, my bike lock stopped working. So I went to a key repairer on the corner of the road. The key maker was working with my lock and I was just wandering looking here and there.
There was a city public health centre beside the key maker shop. There was a bench outside of it for the patients. I heard some sound coming under that bench. A few moments later, a puppy came out. It was him making the sound. He was struggling to walk but he was trying hard. Then I saw that he was walking with only two front legs. He was just dragging his back legs along with him. I saw his legs, his back legs were totally damaged. Some monstrous creature called human drove their bike over his legs and left him there to die. The puppy must have been in so much pain. But his struggle to survive was still on. He was just wandering here and there making sounds. After a while, two kids came there. They might be 7-8 years old. They came, parked their bicycle and then went to the dog. I saw them carrying a bag with milk inside. The dog was trying to run away and hide under the bench. The kids sat down there and opened the bag of milk. A few moments later, the puppy came outside and began to drink the milk. The puppy looked so hungry as he finished the milk in a few minutes. Later the kids were caressing him making the puppy feel comfortable. One of them was trying to help him stand along with his back legs. They were giving a massage, holding him to stand up. They were doing everything just to make him stand on his four legs. But the puppy couldn’t make it. But one thing was sure that the puppy felt safe in their company.
This incident left me in a dilemma. I saw two sides of human, one the so-called human who ruined the puppy’s legs and ran away and the second one is those kids who were trying hard to make him survive. So now I’m stuck in a question mark that which side we humans belong. I had a dog with me for 12 years so I felt this incident too close to my heart and it made my cry. We every day here such incidents where a person throws a dog from the bridge, make cow eat plastic with food inside and the worst case where they made a pregnant elephant eat food which had crackers. Such incidents make me question our existence. Are we really a human?
God created everything and every one of us. He created humans, plants, animals to live. God has given every living creature a right to live. But we humans try to snatch this right from animals who can’t express themselves. Firstly, we took their houses with this concrete jungle. Now even by mistake, we have an encounter, we make all the efforts to kill them. They also have the right to live. They just expect you to let them live. Forget about affection and love but least you can do is to make them live. We, humans, shout out loud when a tiger enters the city and kill someone. People come on roads demanding to kill the tiger. But if any human does this to an animal, no one blinks an eye. Few animal activists try to come forward to get justice for the animal. But nobody notices them and the case gets automatically closed. Do you really think nature will let us survive for long this way? Nature gave place for everyone to survive and if anyone disturbs it, nature will revert back sooner or later. So now it’s up to we humans how long we want to survive!…

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