First of all I like to clear one thing that I am not related to any political party and neither I support any political propoganda. The reason I am writing this article is to aware people and highlight the negative points of farm bill and analyise the consequences. From last few days farmers are roads, protesting massively against black and unjust law. The ordinance was passed in lok sabha and rajya sabha by completely neglecting the opposition their mics were switched off. The opposition has a great importance in democracy neglecting opposition is making an elected autocracy.

The current government is only working for the betterment of corporate remember East India company was also a corporate who colonised the whole India. East India company also exploited India by imposing farm bills like permanent settlement, mahlwari and ryotwari system. Now same method is being applied by the current government. Now if we talk about the farm bill it is also giving corporates the unjust rights and permissions. The corporates will be allowed to make warehousing of the grains and will sell when prices will go up. The farmers will get very minimum profit on their harvest and most importantly they will be obliged to the corporates for selling their harvest. Government will abolish the security of return by abolishing MSP. Farmers would be taking permissions from corporates for entering their own land their own property.

This system will only exploit the farmers the farms and Indian agriculture will be acquired by the corporates. Not only farms and aagriculture. The Indian government are all set to hand over airports, railway stations and PSU s to the gaint private corporations. The common man will be”ruled” by the corporates. A handful families like Ambani, Adanis, Mittal, Bajaj and Jindals will run the whole country.

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