An interview with Dr. M.J Khan (IMPAR): Agenda, Future

Dr. M.J.Khan, President of Indian Muslims for Progress and Reforms (IMPAR) did an interview, where he discussed IMPAR’s agenda, political connections and future goals.

Indian Muslims for Progress and Reforms (IMPAR) where more than 200 prominent Muslims of India came together to create a national think tank and an apex coordination body to put forward the voice of progressive and modern Muslims and to collectively express their constructive views to the media and the nation.

IMPAR was made in a very hostile situation, there was a fear of existential crisis, If the lockdown had not been imposed, 10,000 to 15,000 Muslims would have been killed in the situation that was persistent in India in mid March.

When asked about how they succeeded as a organisation in such less time. Dr. Khan said that innovative and Broad thinking and welcomed constructive criticism were the major reasons for the Success of the organisation.

Dr Khan also addressed the issue of the Tablighi Jamaat and mentioned that, help from everywhere was needed and who indeed helped were very much appreciated.

He also clarified the Flying Rumours about the organisations inclination towards BJP. In his explanation he said that “ BJP is the central government and without talking to them our Point of View wouldn’t be heard and the agenda of IMPAR cannot be fulfilled.”

The ultimate approach of IMPAR is objective and business-like, which means that the approach that will benefit the community the most will be followed.

“It is very important for the Muslim community to reform and for that we need to be economically empowered.” Dr. M.J Khan said.
He also added, “We need to reach out to the corporate sector for guidance, and ultimately to mainstreaming the Muslims as it holds 96% of the jobs in the country and the rest is held by the government.”

The interview with Dr. M.J Khan was very fruitful and he in very simple words explained the agenda and ultimate goal of IMPAR. He also focused on the point that IMPAR has a long term plan and will do the best to for their community.

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