Career in Psychology

Psychology is a blooming branch, especially in our country. With increasing awareness about psychological problems and demand for professionals in the field, the number of people entering this field has grown significantly in the past decade. Psychology is a subject which can be included in Sciences as well as Humanities because it not only talks about the human brain, the nervous system, hormones and their imbalance but also the human mind, thought and behavioural patterns and many philosophies. An increasing number of schools are introducing this subject into their existing curriculum. Many people also believe that psychology should be taught in lower grades because teenage proves to be a difficult time for most youngsters and thus subject can help them greatly. 

Here are some career options people opt for after studying psychology:

• Clinical Psychology 

For practising clinical psychology, one needs to obtain certain academic qualifications and experiences. A doctorate degree and more than 3.000 hours of supervised practising will fetch you a license for practising psychology. A clinical psychologist may specialise in one field. They focus on psychological disorders, identifying a patient’s issues and helping them through it, and making their lives better. They engage in therapy as well. Good listening skills, empathy, building a good relationship with their patients, sensitivity towards various issues, et cetera are some things clinical psychologists need to be excellent in. 

• Teacher

There is no greater pleasure than passing the knowledge you have to someone else. Teaching. learning with the aim to share it, is one of the noblest professions. After qualifying certain examinations and proving themselves efficient in practical classrooms, those who have studied psychology can teach it. As psychology is being introduced in more and more schools and colleges, psychology teachers are in demand. The biggest advantage is that they can help the students who are under stress, due to examinations or any other issue. 

• Researcher 

A researcher is involved in experimentation to reach conclusions or form new thesis so that the knowledge is always expanding. Apart from or as a part of experiments, a researcher also has to analyse. This analysis is of behavioural patterns, thinking processes, group activity, and much more. Extensive knowledge about the subject is a must along with dedication and hard work. This career option can be taken after practising psychology as well. 

• Social Worker

After studying psychology, we have multiple paths to choose from. Upon completion of the Undergraduate course, we can prepare for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). If we decide to choose psychology in higher studies, then, we can work as social workers in schools, hospitals, clinics, and some other institutions. Many students are now interested in working in the Human Resource Department as well. 

Even if psychology is not pursued as a career, studying it helps us to understand ourselves better. It teaches us some great life lessons such as empathy, anger management, patient listening, and that being not okay is okay. When we have a deeper understanding of ourselves, only then can we properly contribute to our society’s development. 

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