A woman has different roles to play in this society but the first and foremost role is that of a “daughter”. Being a parent to a daughter is one of the most beautiful things in the world. They say that having a boy child is a blessing but the truth is having a daughter is a blessing. Daughters are termed as the “Lakshmis” of the house. Daughters bring happiness and liveliness in the house. They have a different kind of bond with their parents. Especially every mother wants to have a girl child because then they have a different bond. Their friendship, their love, their loyalty, their small fights and everything else is so special. A daughter can tell everything to her mother.They are friends first.

Earlier the birth of a girl child was however considered a myth for the family. They thought daughters were useless and give no benefit for the family. Nobody spent on their studies thinking that one day they have to get married and are a burden on them . They thought this investment basically has no returns. But, with time things have changed. Now people have realized the worth of a daughter. They know that they are the heart of the house. Their smile spreads positivity. A daughter can never see a single tear in her parent’s eyes. She can never leave them alone just like a son does. A daughter’s love is unconditional. She is a reflection of her mother. To mold a daughter into a woman is the most important task for a mother. Because a woman reflects a society. And she is a root of the family. Nobody can deny that the girl will get marry one day. So to make her house a home she needs to have those and values and morals. And that she gets from her family.

But being parents to a girl is also the most challenging task. Because in today’s world where a girl is no more safe. It is difficult for her parents to stay tension free whenever she is out of the house or has gone out to study or maybe going out for a night out. They have this constant tension that their daughter stays safe. Education of girls is the most important thing and now people have realized it. Now they make sure that they give equal oppurtunities to their daughters and sons. We have so many daughters right from Kalpana Chawla to Shivangi Singh who are bring laurels for the country and making India proud. The Beti bachao, Beti padhao slogan is one of the apt slogans out of all movements so far. No daughter should miss the oppurtunity to study.

Daughters always encourage their mothers to be the best versions of themselves . She sees the kind of efforts she puts in keeping her family together and is always by her side. On this occasion of Daughter’s day, a big shout out to all the daughters out there who look after their family, who looks after her husband and her kids. Who looks after her in laws and everybody in the family. Whose Ego is smaller when it comes to saving her bonds because she knows the value of a relation ship. A shoutout to all the daughters who are balancing their personal and professional lives and doing no complains to anybody. A shoutout to all the women as they are avatars of Maa Durga. Who are standing firmly for their family and for themselves . Who can turn into “Kaali” as well when it is required.

A woman is the most precious in this world. Respect them. Don’t only worship Godess Laxhmi, learn to respect the ones in your house. Because wo hai toh hum hai, nhi toh Kuch nhi .

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