Money in today’s life

Priya Yadav,

It is often said that with money we cannot buy happiness, health in our life, but it is also not wrong that with money we can buy medicines or things that make us happy and satisfying so that we can be healthy and satisfied Huh. Therefore money helps us in giving a better life and a higher status in our society and these things are important in our life.

Money is the most basic requirement of our life so that we can meet our other needs. Without money, we cannot meet our daily and basic needs. Although money cannot take the place of love and affection in our life, love and affection also cannot take the place of money. With money, we can spend our life in a better form. We need money today to do all the basic work of our life like eating, drinking, house, clothes, etc. Along with this, there are many more needs where we can meet those needs by using money and make our life easier.


Cause of crime
Nowadays everybody wants to collect more and more money. People want to achieve it in a moral and immoral way. Nowadays the bank is robbed to get money. Robbery, murder, and robbery are committed. In which criminals resort to violence and many people lose their lives. Therefore money is also the cause of crime.

If a person has money, he can buy anything that the poor person sees only in dreams. Without life, our lives seem incomplete and most of our needs remain incomplete. In today’s selfish world we have to have more money to be better than others otherwise we will feel backward in this world. Generally, we need our family and affection love along with money for a prosperous life but it is often seen that when there is a lack of money there is more stress in life.

Today, people in society are making more and more money and for more money, they are also doing some unethical acts like taking a bribe, stealing robbery, beating, etc. which are unethical acts and against humanity. People who are lazy do not want to work hard and get into doing such unethical work to make money and get it right, but it is not right to do so and we should avoid doing such work.

Some unscrupulous people earn money in the form of black money and keep it in the bank accounts of other countries which is illegal and the government has now made concrete laws on it and some people are being caught. To overcome this problem, the government had demonetized some time ago. In contrast to this, we can see that a person who collects money by doing good work and hard work gets more respect than another person in society and he also deserves it.

Cause of corruption
Nowadays, government officials do not perform their duties properly in the pursuit of money. Now corruption has pervaded every government office in the country. Government officials, babu, and employees commit huge loot in schemes to get money. Scams in government money for roads, bridges, railroads, hospitals, medicines, etc., so that no work is done properly.

The poor are exploited
In order to get money, more and more workers are taken from the poor laborers in the factory and paid less and less. The bourgeoisie is exploiting the poor working class and becoming rich. While the weaker section is barely able to meet its needs.

Money is the father of social ills
In today’s time, many social evils have arisen due to money. Dowry is in practice. Today, a father has to pay a hefty amount in dowry to get his daughter married. No dowry boy is willing to marry without a dowry.

Apart from this, people are following bad ways to get money. For example, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, marijuana (marijuana), and other drugs are being sold, which is ruining the young generation of the country.

Cause of discord
In the house where there is a shortage of money, there is a fight, quarreling, and fighting. There is a quarrel between husband and wife every day. In the event of not earning money, the mother-father, siblings do not respect anyone. Neighbors and relatives look at the person with eyesight. He starts clipping her, thinking that the person never asks for money from her. Nobody wants to befriend a poor person.

In today’s time, everybody wants to get more and more money. Some people collect money in a corrupt way which is wrong. This is very important in life, but it is wrong to collect money illegally. People should earn money honestly.

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