Ramesh Pokhriyal speaks on education in mother tongue.

Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal on Friday said that English does not have education in the Indian language and mother tongue as the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 suggested that Indian languages be strengthened. He was speaking in a webinar on National Educational Policy 2020 – The Brighter Future of Education ‘organized by Assocham.

India got a new NEP after 34 years after it was passed by the Cabinet in late July and ambitious documents are trying to bring in a large number of changes that can completely transform India’s education system.

Changes in mother tongue as a medium of education up to class 5, as free education for all up to 18, removing the divide between vocational and non-vocational subjects, introducing multi-disciplinary education, 5 Scrapping the 10 + 2 structure for + 3 +. 3 + 4 structure in school education, changing board exam pattern, scaling MPhil, offering a choice between 3 or 4-year undergraduate courses etc.

An English is not an Indian language
The Education Minister said that English was not an Indian language and regretted that some felt that learning English was necessary for progress in the international arena.

“I must say that we are not against English, but mother tongue as a medium of education will help strengthen Indian languages,” he said.

People need to understand that English is not an Indian language. I want to tell those who argue that if we do not learn English then we cannot progress globally, we need to look at countries like Japan, Russia, Israel, France, America which all have their Provide education in language. Education Minister said

More than 1.5 million suggestions on NEP 2020 implementation
“The main objective of National education policy 2020 is to develop good human beings and not machines. It is a nation-centric policy, full of human values and in relation to innovation, knowledge, research, science and technology, it Will be on top. ” Internationally, ”Pokhriyal said in the webinar.

He also said that the government had received more than 1.5 million suggestions across India on how NEP 2020 could be implemented.

He also said that 10 countries had approached the Ministry of Education stating that they wanted to implement India’s new education policy in their countries.

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