We all have been through this pandemic, It is very difficult for all of us to concentrate on our work. Our lives were going through a hard time until we all decided to put ourselves out of these difficult situation and fought against it together. In this time where all people are going through hard time our educational system is going through a miserable period. Because of the lockdown student cannot go to schools, colleges, and coachings etc. Their studies were completely in unstable conditions like 3-4 months, eventually some schools and colleges started video classes. Their carriers may worsened for worse. In India, broadly there are 3 types of students.

  1. UPPER CLASS STUDENTS : By this pandemic all lives are going through a miserable situation but there is always less and more. In this pandemic financial stability is very important. The rates of market products went high that everyone cannot afford to buy it. But high class people have good amount of money and resources, so difficulties are so less. Good amount of money is not the solution of all their problems but financial stability reduces their problems to greater extent. Students can take online classes because they have resources and besides that they have good environment a healthiest one.
  2. MIDDLE CLASS STUDENTS : This includes students who can afford things to some extent. Their parents have already a budget problem and this pandemic worsened the situation. Most people lost their jobs in this pandemic and have to do other jobs to fulfill their basic needs. Sometimes students have to quit their studies and have to do jobs for their basic requirements. In this class some students do have facilities some do not have the facilities. Because of the pandemic most of the students suffer through a mental problems like overthinking, depression, anxiety, etc.
  3. LOWER CLASS STUDENTS : In this class, students have to struggle the most, because of the lack of both financial stability and opportunities. During the lockdown most of the people lost their jobs. Students have to sell vegetables and other products to get some money for food. And there is no healthy environment for lives and they don’t have any equipment’s to study. They can only afford to go to government schools. In home also their parents or elder siblings are not educated to so they also can’t learn from them.

This pandemic has thrown several challenges which have impacted the mental health of the students as well. But on plus side, the aim of Government of India to make Indian educated a digital platform is taking a big leap which will eventually help India.

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