Online vs offline shopping.

Shopping trends have changed from last couple of years . People mostly in metro cities and urban areas prefer shopping online from ease and comfort oof their home. Nobody likes to go out in scorching heat, pollution and irritating traffic and roam around 10 shops to get best deals. That is the reason people mostly in urban areas do shopping online at a click and the order is dispatched. Nowadyas online shopping is having a very large spectrum it is no more confined to apparel and footwears , almost every product of daily need and even electronic products are also available online.

With the emergence of E commerce and online shopping. Small shopkeepers and offline stores are facing problems .It is getting hard for them to attract more and more customers to their shops. Thanks to god that India is an overpopulated country because of which India is huge market and every business has a great customer base to target.on . like online shopping, offline shopping has it’s own advantages like there’s no chance of fraud or cheating, you can check the product own your own, you can easily approach to the shopkeeper in any difficulty, after sales service is good in offline shopping, you can negotiate on price. These advantages you won’t get in online shopping.

So which one is the best? Which one should we choose? it completely depends on what product you want to buy and the source you are buying from. If you are shopping online make sure it is trusted source and return policies. If you are buying TV, mobile or laptop I would recommend you to enquire prices on online and offline both and if there’s not much difference then go for offline. Otherwise for buying Garments, shoes or groceries online shopping is good.

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