Women and their struggles in this society.

Turning the pages of History or looking into the present scenario, Women of the society have always struggled. At every stage of life they have to prove their worth. They have always been dominated by this male chauvinism or the unjust rituals or expectations. The voice of a woman is always dominated. This society never gives a second thought before blaming a women or giving her a character certificate, they judge the book by it’s cover. They have a set of rules for the woman. According to this society wearing short clothes is the reason for molestation. “It must be the fault of the woman” is their direct statement and they do not even consider of giving it a second thought before speaking. There are times when a woman wants to get a divorce or leave her husband’s house for reason but she does not because the social stigma is not allowing her to do so.

When Maa Sita was also required to prove her purity because the society had put allegations on her than what do we expect for the ordinary women in this society. In the past there were practices like Sati Pratha which were against the will of a woman but she had to do it because that is what the world asks for. A woman has to speak in a soft voice , has to remain in the kitchen , is a burden after 20 so marry with anybody good or bad but what matters is that she is married. Education was the last thing on the priority list of her parents or family because according to them it was of no use. She is objectified and nobody says a thing. Although the things have changed a lot from the past to now. Now women are getting opportunities same as men. They are proving their worth and are less than nobody. But still there are parts of the country where this does not happen. Especially in the rural counterpart, the women have still not get rights of education or are victims of early marraige.

If a woman is a single mother or a divorcee she is treated as inferior or there are certain stereotypes that come along with her. The taunts and the ill sayings are always ready for her. This is the reason a lot of women compromise in places they never should. But they are so affected psychologically that they are frightened to take the right decision for herself. The belief that it is necessary for a child to have a father’s names is also something that holds her back. It should never be like this. Be it any gender treating them equally is very important. When somebody is in pain or not in the right situation she/he should feel protected. They should be supported by this society as well as their family and friends. The problems of mental health is the reason because people only speak and do nothing. Empty vessels make much noise apt for them. Posting on social media is of no use until you practice what you preach.

It is high time that we start treating our Women with dignity. We stop judging them and start supporting them. Yes things have changed a lot from the past but to make it The Best in the upcoming future let’s stand with them. They need nothing. Nobody is as powerful as a woman. She just needs her social status to meet her self esteem needs. We have already seen women are doing great in their fields, and they will continue to do so. Women empowerment is all it is.

The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights. – Gloria Steinem.

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