It is the age of science. There are many wonders of science. It has made our life easier and comfortable. Science plays a vital role in our daily life. It has made dreams and imaginations of man true. By observation of simple events, man has invented great things. Science is nothing but a systematic way of knowledge and living.Looking at the age when a man led a life like a savage, we notice how far we have come. Similarly, the evolution of mankind is truly commendable. One of the major driving forces behind this is science. It makes you think about the wonder of science and how it has proven to be such a boon in our lives. Most importantly, science has helped develop a great civilization. All the advancements that man has been able to make are with the help of science only. However, it won’t be wrong to say that science is a two-edged sword. It comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.Many scientific inventions have made our life very comfortable. Electricity is the greatest invention of science. It serves us in many ways. It lights our houses; it entertains us with T.V. and radio. It fills our water. It runs trains, mills, and factories. It cools and warms our houses. Motorcars, scooters, railway engines, airplanes, computers, etc. are all inventions of science. Modern life is impossible without these scientific inventions.

To say that science has a lot of benefits would be an understatement. The benefits of science do not just limit to one sphere, but it has proven useful in various spheres of the world. When we talk about innovations in science and engineering, electricity is the first thing that comes to mind. It has helped power the world through its development.That is to say, all the credit goes to science, as it weren’t for science, life in the 21st century would be impossible. After all, it is quite hard to imagine a world without computers, medicines, televisions, AC’s, automobiles and more. In addition, science has contributed largely to the medical field as well. It has helped cure deadly diseases and also perform surgeries which were hard to perform before. Therefore, science has changed the world in unimaginable ways.With the discovery of atomic energy, man has found an endless source of energy. It can fulfil the demands of the energy of the world for a long time.Science has given us cinema T.V.,  Radio and many other things. It has given us calculators, mobile phone, robots, Cameras and computers, Computer is a great wonder of science. These inventions help in the field of education.Everything we do, from small things at our home to launch of rockets in space, has some science involved in it. Science has done so many wonders to us that it is impossible to ignore the role that science has played in our lives.As we progressed from the Stone Age, science catapulted us into the present age filled with a host of facilities. These simplify our life and cause us to ponder over the wonders of science.our lifestyle including communication and travel have been revolutionized through the invention of electricity, computers and lots of other things. They have added value and made our life quite interesting.

As the saying goes ‘there is no rainbow without rain’, similarly science has drawbacks of its own. One must always remember that anything in excess is poison, and science is no different. If it falls into evil hands, it can cause destruction on a massive level. For instance, science is used to create nuclear weapons.These are deadly enough to cause war and wipe out full-fledged countries. Another drawback is the pollution caused by it. As the world became more industrialized because of science, pollution levels increased. All the high-scale industries are now polluting natural resources like water, air, wood, and more.Subsequently, this industrial growth has increased rates of unemployment as machines are replacing human labor. So, we see how it also has a considerable amount of drawbacks as well.In conclusion, we can say that surely science is very beneficial to the modern man. But, innovations and discoveries have also become destructive in various ways for mankind.Science has given us atom bombs. They can destroy big cities and kill many persons in a few seconds. Big factories and other machines have made water and air polluted.By creating a healthy atmosphere. We can keep the throat of humanity under control. By planting trees and any other ways we can keep our atmosphere clean and healthy.

Science is a great helper to modern man. If properly used, it can make the life of man healthier and happier. Man is called a master of the world because of science.  Therefore, it must be properly used for the greater benefit of mankind. We must ensure the wise use of these scientific inventions in order to save the world from the evil side of science. As Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam once stated that science is a beautiful gift to humanity, we must not distort it, likewise, we must live by this quote and monitor the utilization.         

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