Donald Trump trailing Joe Biden in the first presidential debate of the US presidential election: survey

Priya Yadav,

When asked about the Covid-19 epidemic, Donald Trump said that if Biden were in his place, there would have been more deaths in America. In response, Biden said that Trump had no plans to fight the epidemic.
There are more than seven million cases of coronavirus infection in America and nearly two lakh people have died due to the disease so far.
The two leaders targeted each other on issues ranging from masks to vaccines and physical distancing.
When Biden accused Trump of not taking seriousness about wearing masks, Trump mocked Biden by saying, “Biden stays at 200 feet and still comes wearing a big mask.”
Host Chris Wallace asked why he was crowding election rallies during the Trump epidemic. In response, Trump said, “Even if Biden could gather so much crowd, he would have done the same.”
Biden said to Trump, “You inject bleach into your arm, maybe it will cure the corona.” In response, Trump said, “I said this in tanz and you know that.”
Trump said that if Biden had been in his place, two million people would have died from Covid-19 in America. At the same time, Biden said that everyone knows that Trump is a liar.
President Donald Trump appears to be trailing in a hasty poll conducted after the first presidential debate of the US presidential election. In a CBS News poll, 48 percent said Biden won the debate, while 41 percent said Donald Trump was ahead of the debate. In this survey, 8 out of 10 people who watched the debate said that the entire debate was negative.
69 percent of the people expressed their displeasure over the question of feeling good or bad after watching the presidential debate.

This reaction of the audience came at a time when the tension between the two leaders was evident during the debate. During the debate, both the leaders cut each other’s talk in the middle and started speaking. At one point, when Biden erupted, he said, “Will you shut up?”

‘Trump you worst president ever’
Biden said that what Trump has been saying here so far is all white lies. I have not come here to tell their lies. Everybody knows that Trump is a liar. ‘ Biden and Trump both targeted each other’s family. Biden fiercely attacked Trump during the debate about the corona virus. Biden said that he was the same person who was claiming that the Coronavirus would be destroyed by Easter. He said that a large number of people were killed by the coronavirus and if smart and fast steps were not taken, more people would die now. The Democrat leader told Trump that you were the worst president ever.
Trump also retaliated on this charge. Trump told Biden that you did not want us to close our doors to China in view of Corona because you thought it was terrible. On the question of not wearing a mask, Trump said that I wear a mask when I feel the need. I don’t wear a mask like Biden. Whenever you see them, they stay in the mask. He will continue to speak from 200 meters away but will be wearing a mask. Trump said that if Biden had been president, at least two million people would have been killed in America.

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