Social Media Marketing

The up and coming trend of social media market has swept the entire market industry. From small businesses to national hotel chains, every enterprise aims and sometimes struggles to make their space in the large social platform. 

As the world undergoes rapid digitisation, social media becomes increasingly popular for professional and personal use. With half of the entire world’s population using Facebook, it has become a social media platform to popularise one’s business or to gain recognition. 

Easy connectivity plays a major role in this. Globalisation in recent years has resulted in international connectivity via mail, flights, et cetera. The world is now said to be a village, with people on the opposite side of the world just one click away. 

Apart from globalisation, the ongoing pandemic has also forced many businesses to switch from offline to online. People are using the internet more as there is no other option. After the novel COVID-19 outbreak, many businesses shut down, small businesses were started to meet the financial needs in these difficult times. Due to the lockdown, all jobs have been shifted to online work from home which leaves the companies with limited ways of advertising their products. To increase their reach, they use social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube et cetera to increase their buyers. 

It is not just profit-minded enterprises that use social media marketing but we also see non-profit organisations (NGOs) attempting to gain recognition in order to popularise their cause and also to get funds to execute their plans. Social Media Marketing has become a major part of our world with online shopping applications projecting their ads as well as selling their products via these platforms. 

The increasing demand for graphic designers, social media marketing specialists, content writers, et cetera is also a consequence of social media becoming a large part of the marketing industry. From school to college students, every student is trying to find internships to gain experience and mostly it is these areas, graphic designing and social media marketing, in which internships are being offered. Students want certificates, Letter of Recommendations and work experiences to fill up their resume. 

Graphic Designing is now something everyone should know how to do. It is rapidly gaining importance. An increasing number of people sign up for graphic designing courses every day. Companies are working towards making inserting elements easier, providing more fluidity, a better experience for people using their graphic designing apps. Canva is an application which allows you to use pre-made templates, edit its elements, its colours, add various shapes, images, videos, animations, et cetera. Many other apps also provide the same but Canva is regarded as the most easy-to-use application. 

With the new generation, everything is evolving. Unimaginable things are becoming a daily part of our life. The priorities of the companies and the industry as a whole are changing and only those will survive who will keep up with it. The rest will be left backwards if they do not push themselves to develop and adapt with the rest of the world. 

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