Sex education should be mandatory in high schools.

Sex is seen as taboo in most cultures and societies. Sex Education is seen by many people as something unnecessary and an uncomfortable thing to discuss as any discussion regarding. we can, should, and need to make sure that basic education is available to any person who asks. And we need to present enough to insure that they do actually ask, or can go read the rest for themselves. Mostly, this is about kids, but it can be anybody. Not all adults have this education themselves!

Sex Education isn’t just about telling kids about safe sex and preventing STDs, its also about informing students about the various physiological and the psychological changes that happen during Adolescence. In India, sex education is still a taboo. Forget sex education, the word sex is still a taboo among many Indian households. Although India has developed and modernized in a lot of ways, we still have to overcome many of our taboos and prejudices. Education is the primary tool to achieve that.

In India, in schools, we are taught about the anatomy of male and female reproductive organs and reproduction. STD are given a cursory glance, contraceptives are mentioned in a line and that is the extent of it. This is just a part of sex education. It doesn’t cover a lot of other topics. This is a major problem.

According to UNICEF, 47% of the girls are married before 18 years of age and 28.5% of women give birth to their first child before that age. (Mentioned in a United Nations Population Fund report). Almost none of them have any basic idea about sexual and reproductive health, birth control and healthy sexual habits. For years together the only aspect of sex education the government has been focused on is population control. This doesn’t even cover a minor part of sex education.

This mindset is changing slightly as result of private workshops being setup in many urban areas, but it is not enough.
If we want the present generation and the next generation to live a safe and secured life, there is a need for a comprehensive sex education at home and in school dealing with the psychological, physiological and social issues pertaining to sex and reproduction.

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