President Ram Nath Kovind says, policy of expansionism followed by few nations demands strategic and matured response globally

President Ram Nath Kovind has said that decision-makers have to be guided by national interests as well as international objectives, both of which should be adaptive and multi-pronged. He said, the state of the world today poses multiple challenges before every nation.

Mr Kovind was addressing the valedictory ceremony of the 60th NDC course  through a video message yesterday.

The President said that the policy of expansionism followed by a few nations demands a strategic and matured response globally. He said, it is in this context that the NDC deals with several such challenges and offers its course participants tools to understand the multi-dimensional geostrategic and geopolitical environment for future.The President said that the NDC has imparted skills and knowledge to senior officers not only from our Armed Forces and Civil Services, but also those from Friendly Foreign Countries, to help them make informed policy decisions related to their respective national objectives and aims.

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