Humanity: Slower than the course of time

Mr. Albert Einstein has said that, “Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding”. And that quote is relevant even in our “Modern” time, as we walk briskly towards an epidemic of nuclear war, which may even end the world. To analyze the problem and hopefully slow down the pace of this negative technical advancement, a UN conference of the committee UNGA, with the Agenda of Reviewing the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and establishing Nuclear Free Zones in the Middle East, was held on 19th August 2017.

The discussion started off slow, where the first few speakers didn’t seem bothered, serious about the huge and scary problem, but as time passed, change was visible. Most of the countries were in favor of the NPT, as the Treaty is the most essential in today’s harsh time for maintaining peace and hospitality. However, a pinch of Hypocrisy was sprinkled upon the fellow delegates by the delegate of the USA, where they said that countries should not invade, wage war on other countries just for some resources, which obviously turned the heads of many. Small countries like Paraguay and Samoa said that even though they don’t have conflicts in the Middle-eastern region, they still support the NPT, which is pretty obvious, considering the amendments and features it has to offer. Everyone should agree with the optimistic vision for a peaceful world, that the leaders of many great nations have to offer. That is, if each and every country lets go off their “ego” and decides to sign the Treaty, many lives could be saved beforehand and a lot of blood-shed would be spared. However, it is pretty obvious that something which sounds this good, will not be able to succeed at a very fast pace. Even though dangerous countries like Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia have signed the Treaty, there is no guarantee that there would not be any interference from their side at all. If we want Peace and Harmony to be spread across the world, we should ask our kids why do humans keep on making weapons of such high caliber, when we don’t really need them. When the kids fail to answer, you will realize that Humanity isn’t “lost” anywhere, or our world isn’t that bad of a place to live in. Nobody is born greedy, or with a lust for money and power, they’re made to think like that because of our system and the general idea of “living the dream”.Tell the kids about our ancestors. Our ancestors started making weapons, as a means of ease, and for defending themselves from merciless predators. And, as generations passed, our species rose to the top of the food chain, at literally the safest spot in the world. But still, our greed didn’t stop rising, we are so engulfed with our thoughts of rising to supremacy, that we’re killing our own people, by making weapons that could destroy entire states in one go. And for what? Just a stupid throne, which is placed upon burnt ruins of the bodies of the Billions of people, who didn’t deserve any of it, and then talk about Natural Selection.

It is sickening to see that the extreme superpower, the USA is threatening North Korea for a Nuclear war, which could again end everything at once. And worse,North Korea is still opposing the NPT, saying that the Treaty Violates the right of defense of the state, and even if they did sign it, they wouldn’t dismantle their already existing weapons. It has also come in our notice, that USA has violated the Article 4 of the treaty, and they have also not disarmed their weapons completely. Just imagine, if the most wise, old person in the family, whom everyone looks up-to for guiding them and showing them the right way, becomes careless, doesn’t care about his/her children or grand children anymore, tells them to fight with, kill each other, How would that house stand? A similar case of carelessness has been broadcast by the USA. A few countries also believe that the NPT is flawed, and has many loopholes, because not every country has signed it yet, I mean if one doesn’t take initiative himself, how would we improve?

We often see change being promoted in our world, when an idea is showcased and printed in golden letters, but not followed sincerely by everyone. The NPT is one of those ideas, which if supported properly, can bring a huge change.


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