8 Online Tools Every College Student Should Use

If you are about to start college and need some help in your new journey, then you have landed in the right place. This article would tell you all about the eight best online tools that every college student should use to make their life easy. There are thousands of online educational tools available online, but we have shortlisted the most reliable and workable ones for you. 

If you want to make your college life easy and free of all kinds of rejections in terms of assignments and research papers, you should read about the tools mentioned below. Know that we have shortlisted these tools by keeping in mind their cost and their user-friendliness, which are the two main factors for students!

University Visitors network

This is an app cum online tool that comes for free. Students can keep it on their mobile phones without any trouble. You must know that this online application is specifically designed so that students can keep in communication between their teachers and parents. The tool also provides complete information about the campus on which you are studying to your parents. This is an extremely helpful app/tool as far as visitors are concerned. Information about students and their achievements are also added to this tool regularly.


This is an online platform that is perfect for college students. When in college, you have to prepare assignments and presentations regularly. Presenting a topic in the class can be fun and more professional if you use Prezi. This online presentation tool is very famous as it can help you get images and video content directly from Google. Presenting your topic with this tool is just like following a path, and one can easily engage the audience with this tool.


The Evernote tool is another online program that can help you organize your day-to-day work related to your class and assignments. With this tool, one can make short notes in a remarkably interesting way. You can add text in this tool, but you can also help yourself in adding audio, video, and image content. If you want to collaborate with your mates to make an assignment, this is the right tool for you.


Grammarly is the perfect tool for college students. This is a writing tool that can help you create the best quality content. If you are preparing an essay, assignment, or even a research paper, you can help from this tool. You have to enter the content you have prepared in Grammarly, and it would scan it for all kinds of mistakes and errors. Grammarly does not only scans your work for mistakes, but it also provides substitute solutions for the errors.


This online plagiarism checker is perfect for students for checking duplication in their assignment work. The reason that this copyright checker is best for students is that it is not only reliable but is also free to use. You can use this plagiarism tool on any device and operating system as it is compatible with all of them. You need to enter your assignments in this free plagiarism checker, and it would tell you if there is any duplication found. You can not only find but also get rid of duplication with this plagiarism detector!


Trello is a management application cum tool that is also an important partner for students and teachers. This tool would help students manage their work and assignments in the specified time. This tool is best for students who are weak in managing their time and are always late submitting work. Trello can also build a proper and formal communication channel with teachers. A teacher can share work online with all the class using Trello.

Image finder by duplichecker

The image finder online tool is another free tool that should be used by students. One should know that adding images to your work or assignments can make them more presentable and attractive. The image finder tool can help you find the most relevant images for your content, and that too for free. This is a very friendly tool.


This online tool combines different sources, including note-taking, calendars, file uploading options, calculators, and even to-do-lists. This is a great tool for the pupil who wants to get all the important services in one place. You can also use the tool as a dictionary and as a translator to convert content to another language. It is available online for free, and you can also get its application version from the virtual stores for free. This tool can also be used to create and solve quizzes!

These online tools are very important for students of the modern age, and you must have them on your phone or in your bookmarks!