Whether you’re trying to save money or just trying to get out of the same old rut, it can be fun to find new and interesting ways to enjoy your downtime. The first step to getting out of the same boring routine is exploring all of the options available. The process of trying out some hobbies you might not otherwise have considered can be an enjoyable experience by itself.

Say goodbye to watching TV like a zombie day in and day out, and say hello to having more fun, creativity, and wellness in your life. Consider 13 ideas to help get you started.

Hiking, Walking, or Biking

You don’t need to go to a gym to remain active. Instead, take a walk around your neighborhood or apartment complex. Seek out local trails that are for beginners and reconnect with nature.


Reading is a super cheap hobby that has a lot of benefits. It forces you to focus on something meaningful, can serve as an escape, and can spark creativity or inspiration. If you’re reading nonfiction, you probably will learn something new.If you’re not the page-flipping type, try audiobooks. They’re like podcasts and you can take them anywhere and listen to them on a walk.


You write and write and write all throughout school and college, and when you graduate, it’s the last thing you want to do. Unless your job involves writing reports, you probably don’t think of it as a hobby.Keeping a journal can be good for the soul, though. If you find it hard to vent to people, or if it’s difficult for you to work through things out loud, writing down your thoughts can help you make sense of it.

Cooking and Baking

Spending time in the kitchen can make some people miserable, but others thrive when they’re experimenting with different ingredients to make the perfect dish.The best part about cooking or baking is that so many recipes are available online you don’t need a cookbook at all. You can choose to follow recipes or adapt ones to make them your own.


Some might not consider volunteering a hobby, but it’s certainly an activity people can enjoy in their spare time limit. It has a lot of benefits, too. You feel good when you’re able to give back, especially to a cause that matters to you. You also may get involved in a friendly community of volunteers and make new friends.

Get Artsy

Depending on the medium, most artistic hobbies can be done on the cheap—especially when you consider one-time investments pay off in the future.For example, you might need to buy some brushes, pencils, paper, and paint, but the equipment and materials should last for a few months.


You might not think of learning as a hobby, but the possibilities are endless here. You can choose to learn a new language or a new skill that you can put to use at work. Or maybe there is a topic specific to you that you’ve always wanted to research. None of this has to involve formal study; you can follow your own path at your own pace.


Camping is a great hobby to pair with hiking, and it’s fairly inexpensive. For complete beginners, a tent, sleeping bag, firewood, and fire-starting materials are the basics to purchase. A small tent can be bought for around $25-$35, and basic sleeping bags are around the same price. To start a fire, all you really need are twigs and branches around the campsite, and a lighter to start the fire.

Finding Inspiration

If none of these hobbies speak to you, look to your friends and family for ideas. Do any of them have interesting hobbies you want to learn more about? Ask them about it, and they might help you bring down the cost by letting you borrow certain things or letting you partake in their hobbies with them.

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