A man cannot simply feel contended by earning bread alone. The mind must be fed with literature, knowledge & ethics for functioning in the right path. One can simply do it by reading books of their favourite genre. And if you are a beginner grab a book that can hold down your interest & a comparatively thinner book. This is the common psychology that every significant reader holds in their initial days. 

  So after the invention of printing by Caxton, different kinds of books in different linguals have flooded bookstalls in every country. But in recent years, as everything is being sought for its alternatives & so are reading books, journals, magazines & newspapers. One can access all of the above-mentioned through different pages on the internet in blog forms or applications. A good book is defined to be the one that makes readers feel good about it. Reading one may feel the urge to make a difference in their life. Again some books in the market compel readers to hold a different viewpoint to each different reader. Good books are like those of Tagore, Bankim, Shakespeare & Tolstoy that can be the constant companions in their loneliness & even in their weals & woes.

  Books of Bibhutibhushan Banerjee or Rabindranath are the kinds that free our minds from depressions & sorrows. While the poetry books of Keats & Wordsworth generate a sense of sweet feelings, pleasant moments & philosophical thoughts. Such books can help one to strengthen their mental power & imparts a calming effect at the time of catastrophes. Again a book on criticism gives us a balanced judgment & appreciation.

On the contrary, a thriller tends to take away all the dullness & boredom from one’s mind. A science book helps one to widen their knowledge of the physical world & makes them keep abreast of the latest phase of human progress. An illustrated book on travel creates a hypnotic influence on one’s mind.  

 A visit to paradise for a book lover would be a book fair. Moreover, it’s a bonus if it is of a wholesale kind. Such an event provides enough scope for bibliophiles to quench their thirst for knowledge. A swarm of readers from all over throng the place. Even book launch events of certain authors are quite an enthusiastic event for book lovers. This gives them a chance to listen & interact with their favourite authors, totally a fanboying moment. 

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