Corona vaccine is being tested in the country and the world. Because cases of corona in the world are constantly increasing. However, it is a challenge to the government not only to corona but to whom to give corona vaccine first ? and how to distribute it?

In India, the corona vaccine may come early next year. According to Healthy Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan 25-30 crore people will be given corona vaccine by June – July of next year. The person will be linked to the Aadhaar card while giving veccine. For which there will be no Aadhar card, the government has not given any kind of information.Simultaneously, the government will use schools, panchayats, and anganwadis to distribute the vaccine and the state government will identify the places from where the vaccine will be given.

How will the covid app work?

While moving the veccine from one place to another, there is no change in the environment of the veccine so the covid app will be taken.

After giving the covid vaccine the person will be given a certificate. in which who, when, and where the vaccine is given will be given information which can be severely reduced in digi locker.

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