Become your Best Version

Have you ever been told that you have to be this way and that you have to do that… You have to go to space, and become a doctor, lawyer, or engineer in order to be successful? Otherwise, will you be a complete failure in life? Does this sound familiar? However, I say you are good if you are your best version. Read my blog post to find out more.

I am a self-improvement blogger who always aims to be better than I was yesterday. In this blog post, I will highlight some important ways to show how you (and everyone) can be his best version!

Here are my top 12 ways:

  1. Know your purpose for life
    To achieve what you value, you need to clearly explain your purpose in life. Awareness is key to success. Once you’ve identified your ‘why’, you know your priorities.
    Finding Purpose and Purpose in Life: Living the Most Important Life, offered by the University of Michigan
  2. Set and work toward specific goals
    Knowing what your goals are, you can set realistic goals for yourself, and you can take action. Stay focused on your goals, keep track of your progress, review and update deadline goals. Set new ones, when needed.
  3. Don’t procrastinate
    When you are energetic, full of energy, keep going to the right place. Procrastination is an enemy of production. Stop pushing the excitement, excitement, and enthusiasm into progressing to what you really want to achieve.
  1. Conquer limited beliefs
    Limitations tell you that you cannot do what you cannot do. This can sometimes be part of the rituals, the environment you are in, being in the wrong social network, and so on. However, by being realistic and being your best version, you can achieve a lot!
  2. Value integrity
    Being honest, you are attracting the right things. For example, if you behave like a real person, meet good friends, dress the way you like (no peer pressure, at any age), appreciate you, accept you, and enjoy being who you are.
  3. Say no when necessary
    Say no when you know you should. Being a good person will discourage you in the long run, allowing unintentional people to play with you. Eventually, you may end up wasting most of your time, and you may be at risk of emotional injury.
  4. Speak and be independent
    It doesn’t mean it’s green. Communicating your ideas gives you a sense of self-worth. Being independent is your right, just as it is with other people. Make your point clear, that’s all, there’s no sharpness about it.
  5. Appreciate wisdom and diversity
    You are the best of them all when your creative juices flow. Your diversity shows who you really are. This is the beauty of all people.
    Old Thinking: Success Strategies and Tools, provided by Imperial College London
  6. Take the listed risks and learn from previous failures
    Risk is an important part of a business or other type of business. Some people are willing to take higher levels of risk than others. It is said that those who put themselves at greater risk are more likely to benefit (if successful), compared to those who put themselves at risk or are not at all.

Even if you are not a businessman, you will still take risks during your lifetime. Learning from previous failures is important in continuing. They are life lessons that bring wisdom.

  1. Conquer your fears
    Deal with your fears and overcome them. These are obstacles that get in your way. To continue, get rid of unwanted thoughts.
  2. Keep growing by learning for a lifetime
    Lifelong and continuous learning is your life partner. You can choose to take a formal education, and you can study informally, but stay the weeds yourself. I enjoy online courses, especially on locks in many countries (at the time of writing this blog post), where physical incidents are something you should avoid.
  3. Use self-help resources
    The online tutorials that help them are amazing. You can learn at your own pace and in your own home. Being your best version, you can work on building the skills and knowledge you value the most.

You are unique, special, and amazing. Strive to be your best version, and you will not regret it.