hobbies that will make your day

Are you planning to start a new hobby? Or does he just not pay attention when you tell him something to do? Read my blog post for ideas on fun activities, while enhancing your personal growth.

I work from home and use this blog. By giving my time for self-care, I make sure I enjoy it and get used to my regular hobbies.

See a list of 16 ideas or hobbies (select one or a few):

  1. Meditation
    Mind meditation and yoga are practices that bring various benefits. They relax and help you to stay calm and focused.
  2. Reading
    Learning is a simple example. What you choose to read, however, is your favorite. Can you turn to science fiction, romance, horror, or even self-help books?
  3. Blogging
    This is one of my top decisions! Blogging is a great way to express yourself while researching your favorite topics, social media, and much more. You will always grow your knowledge and you can also make money with your blog.
  1. Podcasting
    Start a podcast and record audio on topics you know and love. Talk to your right person. Do surveys to find out what your audience needs and solve their problems.

Podcast Masterclass: Complete Podcasting Guide

  1. Making videos
    YouTube is a popular video platform. If you enjoy making videos and have a keen interest in certain topics, have them.
  1. Images
    On platforms like Instagram, high-quality photos are a must. Whether you post to share family photos on a closed network or your account is designed for a larger audience, knowing how to take great original photos will help you.
  1. Coding
    Learn how to code for fun or to be like a side-hustle. If you choose, you can go further in this field and choose accordingly.
  1. Singing
    Whether you’re singing on stage, in the bathroom or with a group of friends, it’s a great way to express yourself! Singing happy songs brightens your day.
  2. Dancing
    You can dance at home, at a nightclub… or alone (why not?). It’s a form of exercise and fun to join dance classes while making new friends at the same time.
  3. Music
    Listen to or play musical instruments. It brings you comfort and relief. If you are interested in polishing your skills, taking music lessons can be fun and inspiring!
  4. Sports
    If you choose sports, that’s fine! Not only will you enjoy your work, but you will also improve your pleasure hormones, stay fit, and stay healthy. If you are serious about it, join your local team and compete.
  5. Fishing
    If you are patient and enjoy the sea, river or lake, then fishing can be your own. However, note the good habits of respecting the environment and not just fish.
  1. Cooking
    Do you like water containers and prepare them too? Healthy, nutritious cooking is very important for everyone.
  1. Drawing
    Do you like colors? If you create, then drawing can be of interest to you.

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  1. Crochet
    I started crocheting as a child. Having learned a few tricks, I had become accustomed to them before. Generally, it is a good way to keep the mind active.
  1. Continuous learning
    Do you have a desire for self-improvement? You can set aside time each day for personal growth. Enroll in online courses that will help you personally and professionally.

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