JOMO, abbreviated as ‘the joy of missing out’ as opposed to FOMO, ‘fear of missing out’. Are you a JOMO or FOMO person? Read my blog post to see how embracing happiness instead of fear of missing out on what you deserve, in relation to social media.

While social media is a necessity in our daily lives, careful use of it is always important for the well-being and well-being of others. This blog post will focus on JOMO. If you want to learn about FOMO, check out my old blog posts, by looking at How to Avoid FOMO for Happiness in Life.

This is how two words are defined:

JOMO – ‘The joy that comes from living peacefully or independently without feeling anxious that one is missing out on exciting or exciting events that may take place elsewhere. Compare FOMO ’- as described in Lexico

FOMO – ‘Worrying that an exciting or interesting event may be happening elsewhere right now, is often a wake-up call seen on social media’ – as in Lexico

At the time of the current closure in many countries (at the time of writing), large social gatherings are often banned for safety reasons by public distances. This can intensify the time spent on social media, as people often feel more lonely than usual.

Social media is so amazing, it keeps people in touch with your loved ones, constantly being updated about styles, news, and much more. However, it can also become a form of addiction and can create FOMO.

The release of digital detox and time management online is often important for people to relax and refresh. Have you ever wondered how much time you spend on social media every day? Do you avoid looking at your screen before going to bed? Do you enjoy family time, without checking your phone often?

Here are 8 reasons why JOMO deserves it

  1. Live in the moment
    Analyze the present moment, stay in the moment, enjoy the simple pleasures of life you have.
  2. Think independently
    JOMO fits well with the ideal situation of not being under the pressure of ‘following the flock’, just like others just to get in. You know who you really are and fully accept who you are.
  3. No comparison
    Leave behind social pressures and procedures that tell you what to do. Stop comparing yourself with others. Everyone’s diversity and beauty are real… honest and natural in themselves.
  4. Invest in a profitable way
    Invest your valuable and scarce time wisely, and do the work of your choice. Why not work on your goals in life, take online lessons for personal growth, or talk to someone close to you?
  5. Appreciate honesty
    With JOMO you can focus on the right people in your life. Appreciate honesty and trust in hypocrisy and false friends.
  6. Toxins in the body
    Keep your phone away from time to time, meditate, relax, fill and feel refreshed. You are in a good position to produce better!
  7. Recreation
    Always devote time to your interests.
  8. Convince yourself
    You choose your priorities, not the other way around.

Choose happiness from fear… and thank the honest people in your life.


In summary, select JOMO instead of FOMO. The joy of missing out is just what you need in life. It’s up to you to take the right kind of action at the right time. Would you like to share your experience? If you know someone who needs such tips, share my blog post. Thank you !!

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