Myanmar – Democracy behind the bars

Myanmar , India’s neighbor , attained freedom in 1948 , a year after India gained the freedom. Still , democracy differes the two countries . While India is a democratic country , Myanmar’s political history is full of its struggles for the democracy. After a long struggle for democracy constitutional provisions were accepted in 2011 by the military but military continued to hold some powers.

Now , after a decade of democracy , the military again seized the power in its hand on February 1 , 2021. Myanmar’s democratically elected & popular State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi , President Win Myint & other leaders were detained in a military coup.Noble Peace Prize winner Suu Kyi played important role in Myanmar’s movement for democracy & was elected as first state counsellor of the country in 2015. Suu Kyi’s party NLD came into power again in December 2020 with a huge victory, but may be this victory irked the military generals. The military accused the government of voter irregularities in the this election.

A few days ago , military denied of their plan to takeover. But now the democracy has been seized by the military & emergency is declared for a year. Former general Myint Swe would be acting as a president for the next one year. Roads were sealed off around the capital by armed troops & trucks.

The world leaders condemned the coup.

This coup is going to affect the Indo – Myanmar relations due to military’s pro-china policy.

After US Capitol riots , this was another sad incident for all the democracy supporters.

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