Ice Volcanoes ~ Nature never fails to amaze us

Recently a 45 feets tall ice volcano was seen in the Almaty region of Kazakhstan . Yes , you read it right , it’s a ice volcano.

This volcano is formed over an underground hot spring , which is in Almaty region of the country , between the villages Kegan & Shrganak.

The volcano is a cone- shaped frozen structure which was formed by the spouting water of spring. As the hot water spouts out from the spring it freezes almost instantly due to the extreme cold weather.The volcano also sprays water from the top vent.

Last year also , a small ice volcano was observed here. But the recent one is more organised. Ice volcanoes were also witnessed at the Oval Beach in Saugatuck, Michigan in February 2020. 

An ice volcano is a conical mound of ice formed over a terrestrial lake via the eruption of water and slush through an ice shelf. The formation process is wave-driven , & the wind is energy provider for the waves to cut through ice & form the volcanoes.It may take hours or days for the formation. Their formation is temporary , frequently destroyed by the storms & warm weather. It requires precise conditions for the formation of these volcanoes.

Such ice volcanoes are often observed along the southern coast of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario in North America during specific conditions.

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