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Scoring good marks and acing the exams should be easy if you have studied every lesson by heart, solved the questions and had good revision schedules. But majority of the students do not seem to be getting that amount of time and motivation to keep up. To keep up with the massive amount of syllabus seems impossible and as a result we have to leave out some parts of the syllabus or do not get a chance to revision the lessons. And then add procastination to it even worse. However modern research has been able to crack the code to score well in exams while eliminating inefficiency and increasing efiiciency.

So, while studying the two most important aspects are-

  1. Understanding
  2. Memorising

The first aspect is understanding. If we do not understand what we are studying we will never be able to produce the lessons in our exams. It is quite common that if we understand the lesson once we will be to remember it better. Understanding is truly the most crucial step to acing the exams.

The best scientific method to understand our lessons have been given by an American psychologist Richard Feynman. He gave a pretty simple technique or method. He said that if we are able to explain what we are studying to a 5-year-old clearly, we have understood it. And if we have understood it, we are good to go. We need to get the basic concepts clear in our head. Children like stories and easy explanations so that is what is going to help us. Get to the core of the subject. This was the main idea given by him but it is not practical to get a 5-year old to listen to you. So a better and more appropriate way to inculcate this approach is to get your friends listen to you explaining a concept. It will be beneficial for both you and your friend.

Alright, the next essential thing to studying is memorizing. The two most helpful study methods are

  1. Active Recall and
  2. Spaced Repetition

So the idea behind spaced repetition is that the more we actively recall something, the brain cells register them better in our memory. This is the main idea behind active recall. The ways by which you can practise this method is by first understanding a topic and then answering all the possible questions from it. If you cannot answer a question it is completely fine, go back and check the answers. This will strengthen the brain connections and you will be good to go for a long time. Just be active with your studies even if you sit to study for just 30 minutes.

Another great method that is extremely good for memorizing is Spaced Repetition. To follow this technique is by studying a lesson deliberately at intervals. So if say you decide to study something for the first time then the next time study it for revision only when you have forgotten it to a certain extent. So again the idea behind this technique is to actively strengthen the brain cells when you have forgotten them. A study has shown that with time the brain connections seem to fade away. So the best way to recall is to delay the study only when you have forgotten some parts of it.

Ali Abdaal, a famous youtuber explains these concepts in his videos really well, do not forget to check them out.

I hope this article helps me as much it did to me.

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